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Picnics are an eternal favourite pastime of mine.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved the idea of al-fresco dining. Growing up in South Africa, as kids, we spent the majority of our time outside, especially during summer, when entire twelve hour periods transpired in and around the pool.

I have fond memories of my mom making us lie down for at least half an hour before swimming again, when all we wanted to do was jump in and make the most absurd amounts of splashing. She would make make us delicacies of cheese and tomato sandwiches, cut into quarters, vienna sausages spattered with mustard, slices of lush watermelon and platters of grapes and nectarines.


Outdoor dining is an integral part of being a South African. We often have braais or barbeques just for the heck of it. On any given Friday evening, the comforting smell of charred wood and smoke perfume the balmy summer air. Most houses in the suburbs will have an outdoor braai area, as well as an indoor braai room, so there is never an excuse to not kuier or entertain.

I attended a picnic yesterday, and took along these magical Scotch Eggs, which are traditional English picnic fare. As I was preparing the eggs, I wondered about the origin of the picnic. So, I did a little research, and found the following:

The word picnic stems from the French words pique un niche - directly translated - pick a place (to sit).


So, may I suggest you pique un niche to read this sublime recipe?


  • 6 eggs
  • 450g pork sausages
  • 2 anchovy fillets
  • 2 T capers
  • 1 spring onion, chopped finely
  • salt and pepper
  • smoked paprika
  • 5 t bread crumbs
  • 1 and a half cups of canola oil



Bring a pot of water to boil, and once the water is boiling, boil your five of your eggs for five minutes. Arrest the cooking process by plopping your eggs into a bowl of iced water.

Squeeze the sausage out of it's casing into a large bowl and add the chopped anchovies, capers, salt, pepper, spring onion and paprika. Mush it all together until nicely combined.

01. sausage mix.jpeg

Heat the oil in a wok or pan. Peel your eggs, and set aside. Divide the sausage mix into five parts, and flatten one part into your palm, ensuring the meat is evenly distributed. CAREFULLY place your egg in the center of the meat, and CAREFULLY wrap the meat around the egg.

02. scotchegss.gif

Once you have wrapped all your eggs, wash the balls with an egg-wash from the leftover egg. Now, CAREFULLY roll the balls in the bread crumbs until they are evenly coated.



Test the oil to ensure it is hot enough, by dropping a piece of bread or sausage into the oil. If it immediately comes to the top, it is ready.

Now, carefully fry the balls for approximately six - eight minutes, turning constantly.


Rest the fried eggs on a paper towel, and once drained and cooled, cut in half, and serve with a little English mustard.




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Love me some hash and with the egg in the middle it is the way to go!

Looks amazing. I don’t know if I have the patience for all those steps.

Looks delicious

Wow! First of all, i commend you for your excellent photographs and the GIFs! If I may ask, what camera are you using @adsactly? (If you dont want to say it, its fine I respect you). Second, i should say that I can relate to your childhood nostalgia, where everyday when you wake up, the world is just as colorful as a rainbow and as fragrant as a garden of flowers! Its just very different now that were not that young! hahaha! you know what I mean! Its just that were free ,careless and nothing to worry about in our childhood years! Thank you for making me feel that nostalgic feeling again! And lastly! I'll surely try that scotch egg recipe on my birthday! And ill share it with you! Surely everyone in my family will love your recipe! Thank you @adsactly. Keep making good blogs like this! More Power!


ah, what a lovely comment 😊😊 THANK YOU!

So, I just use my iPhone! I do spend a few minutes editing each photo though - and this can be done in any photo editor, even the Microsoft Photo Editor. I always brighten them a bit, and then up the contrast.

For the moving pics, the iPhone has a rad feature called "LIVE" photos, and this is how I make the GIFS. I just change it from "LIVE" to "LOOP", and then its a GIF. 😊

And you are right. To be a kid is effortlessly free and colourful (I love your rainbow metaphor there🌈🌈 )

Thank you for your detailed comment - 100% Upvoted from me!


I love, love, love Scotch Eggs! I used to work at a restaurant that had them as a special every so often and I would order them every time I could!

Great work @princessmewmew!
Upvoted, resteemed and followed!


Your welcome and Thank you @princessmewmew! I just really appreciate your high quality photographs! I also just want to produce hi quality picture myself but I don't have a camera yet so maybe someday when I have one i'll share my first photograph with you! By the way @princessmewmew, I admire you for your time replying to my reply and the others, it just goes to show how dedicated you are to your craft! Keep that passion of yours fired up and keep up the good work! Thank you @princessmewmew! Followed you already and Ill sure be waiting for your next exciting post! More Power!


Oh thank you very much! You don’t need a good camera to good pics, you need a good eye. Honestly I just use my phone for everything.

It’s important to reply to everyone because they took the time to comment on my blog so I should be polite enough to return the favour. It’s also a nice way to get to know other steemians 💜 thanks for the follow


Thanks for the answer. I am searching how to do the gif via Iphone and found your answer. :D .
Do you use any app to make Loop or GIF? Could you recommend me one?!
I do like your recipes.


No, the iPhone 6s and up has the Live Photo function installed so once you have take a live photo, you can just swipe up and change it from live to loop. Then I email myself the gif and Marge is your Aunty!

I’m sure there are apps you could use though!

Thank you for your comment


hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well...


Wooww a very interesting post, if in my area it's his name BOH MANOK. If in your area that's what his name ..?

Your post made me hungry, @princessmewmew! 😁

I was usually doing something similar but more in a form of a meatloaf that should be baked in the oven.
But I like your recipe very much and it seems it might be much quicker to prepare it. However, I'm bookmarking this!

I don't want to promise anything, but if it's to judge on the amount of curiosity to try it that provoked in me, I might give you some feedback, before this post dues. 😉


💜 oh please do! I would love to hear how it wqorks out for you 💜

Also - how do you bookmark a post? Is there a new Steem app I should know about, or do you just do the old fashioned add to bookmarks bar?


Old, old fashioned way in action. 😉
Just have a special folder (in my bookmarks) for the recipes that find online and like. 🙂


Aha, me too! I wish there was a steemit bookmarks function


Hello, I am new supermanmaster, I like your work, give you a lot of praise


Really??? - How did you do that???


I think I came across something like that, maybe even a year ago, among other Steemit tools, but I'm not sure if it's functioning anymore, and the best part is that I forgot to bookmark it! - lol - 😁


I did it!

Light Scotch Eggs

I have changed some things, some purposely some because I didn't have the exact ingredients, but it turns out very well. My family loved it!
So, not only that I tried your recipe I even made a whole post about it. (I hope you wouldn't mind?!)
However, I can confirm...

First hand experience - DELICIOUS!!!

Beautiful in this life Is the comfort and relaxation With snacks
Like scotch eggs they are
Appetite through these beautiful pictures

@adsactly, @princessmewmew was lucky to have a fun filled childhood and up bringing experiences full pleasant memories with family. I and some others here weren't so privileged to. Talk about picnic, I have only attended one in my 20 years on earth lolz. That one was organized by the children department of my local congregation.

Though I was about 8 or 9 years then, but I still have the memory in my head. We had visited Kwa Falls in Anegeje village in Akamkpa LGA of Cross River State Nigeria and an extension of the Kwa River. The water fall springs out of a narrow, steep gorge on the headwaters of the Kwa River, forming a pool for fun and amusement. We spend about 6hours there and later returned home. I hope to pique un niche to give myself and my siblings a nice treat soon. (SO HELP ME GOD)

Meanwhile I hope to follow this recipe and tryout what I will get. The method looks simple just like what we call the egg roll.

Always a great time on your blog @adsactly
Thanks for sharing
I am @desmonddesk


Hey, Thank you @desmonddesk for your insightful comment its people like you that make us want to continue doing what we are doing with @ADSactly feel free to join us in our Discord Server where we are teaching people how to Trade, Mine and Stake Cryptocurrencies and much more.


Thank you @adsactly. I have been very busy and missed following up on your stories... I'll move straight to join your discord server. Thanks


It must have been a very special event to stick in your memory like that 💜

I hope you get to have a picnic with your fam soon. Just eating outdoors is very special. Thanks for your lovely comment. I wish you all the luck in the world 💜💜💜

Scotch egg is definitely a yummy snack, I remember I always requested for it when I was young anytime my dad took me to a fast food restaurant.

I always wondered what the covering on the egg was made of , I knew it wasn't flour which is another type of similar snack here called "egg roll". Now I know it's flour



I commend you for your excellent photographs and the GIFs!

wow this looks so delicious and fantastic idea to use eggs... Thank you for sharing... photos are just fantastic... well presented... good job

i stared into those frying eggs for like 10 mins lol

Looks delicious!

This is the best recepy presentation I have ever seen, just this alone adds flavor to your food. Other than that the food looks delicious, the only thing that’s missing is I can’t eat it from the display. Maybe in 100 years it becomes a reality.


It really looks amazing. I've heard of this before but after seeing it, I might just be convinced to try making it.


ahha, yes, maybe one day our tv's will bring us the take-aways


You never know what humans are capable of.
Btw: I checked your post and you recommended great restaurant with delicious food. I agree with you about sauce being rather homemade than the generic Tartare and mayonnaise.
Following @princessmewmew and resteemed!


ah, that is great! Thank you so much for the follow! Steem on!
to da moon kittehs.jpg

So delicious ahah
Thank you for sharing


is it difficult to make though? have you tried it before? i am new to cooking.


Not very difficult
I just tried one time and i 'm not a very good in cooking aha


Well then maybe I can do it too!


And it's very good for diner

Looks like a wonderful breakfast.


Yeah, something a little different than the typical scrambled eggs.


yeah! it's more of a picnic food, but I bet you could even eat it for dinner :)

They are harmful to human body.

My mouth just filled with water by reading your post, though i am a vegetarian but recipe given by you is worth a try for my non vegan wife.


you can also use the soy mince that vegetarian sausages are made out of


Oh i will definitely try that

In the Philippines, we have a version of Scotch Eggs, known as Embutido. It's a favorite of almost every Filipino household. But I would definitely want to try me some Scotch Eggs! :)

I also like the bit about the etiology of the word "picnic". Pique Un Niche. I love learning new things. Thanks for that! :)


ah, that sounds interesting. is it also made with mince? Or?

I also love history and especially etymology, I find that when you know where and how a word came to be, you are able to master the language and understand SO much more.

Thanks for you great comment 💜

It looks delicious!

The recipes are just great and the ingredients used are easily available not the fancy stuff for which you have to search and search and it's still not available. Keep up the great efforts.


yup! It is actually very simple to make. It's one of those recipes that nearly anyone could make

Thanks for your comment :) 💜

MMMMM wow! it made my mouth watered actually ;) We call SHAMI-KABAB this dish in our native language.

Great Job Done Princess and @adsactly ;)

Stay Blessed, Steem On


awesome! I love to learn about other's cultures 💜


Multi Cultural Learning gives you a sense of Brotherhood as a whole and it unites us, so You're always welcome to ask anything about my culture without any hesitation @princessmewmew


thank you, i appreciate that

Nice recipe!! thnks!

Is this even NFSW? This is food porn :)
I will try this out soon, thank you for this post.
Really like the pictures and the lovely GIFs <3


hahaha I love that - NSFW 💜

I appreciate your kind comment

Nice gifs. It really presents the preparation process well.



hehehe! that is the aim. Hope you enjoyed the post


Yes very nice post.

Kind regards

Gross, who wears a filthy wedding ring when cooking? Totally unhygienic.


Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine? Xx kisses

Oh wow your back at it again . This recipe looks so delicious and fun to make . I’m gonna try this out tonight when I get home from work. I’ll let you know how it goes . Thank you again for your valuable content as usual 😊


Nothing wrong with some breakfast for dinner!


nothing at all 😊😊


hehe! always making them food posts. Let me know how it goes :)


Nice post

This looks spectacularly divine, a new option to enjoy, thank you for sharing this recipe, I will surely try to do it! regards


awesome! let me know if you do! 😊

I vl try this at home right away... Hope it comes out as good taste as any.. Plz follow me bk

The switch eggs really looking tempting and enticing, I know it's gonna be delicious reminds me of the one I made last week. But this one looking more standardized than mine.
Nice one @adsactly

Good to know about origin of picnic
I love chicken
I'll try this dish with chicken instead of pig


You can also use beef or lamb sausage

Ooh yummyyyyyyy, it's the best memory I have from Manchester 😍
, and the funny thing is it's not Mancunian!!!!!!! 😂


hehe! I've never been to Manchester, but I love the accent

This has raised my hunger, it looks to be a delicious meal. I really love picnic, and i remember we used to go for picnics in our primary school, as children we used to enjoy a lot especially eating, playing games and getting new friends. hahaha, i am even missing this.


yeah, I love picnics too. We should definitely try to eat outdoors more!😊

this is a really nice post, i've learnt from it.i will try the receipt even with the local ingredients we have over here. keep it up


awesome! Thank you

I have never even heard of this type of egg recipe. I will definitely try it, looks great!


cool! 😊 it's a very British snack

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I'm about to break my diet !!!!!!

Never saw this before. :-) Strange recipe according to my taste. ;-) Taste is different.

Its appears a bit different of how i knew it while growing up. I think this look twice much better.

it seems yummy.
I can't eat it but I can feel the taste of this recipe by staring at this picture and I'll definitely try this recipe :)
Thanks for sharing .
you always post valuable content, that's why i'm following.

Looks good, I dont see any whisky in the ingredients so not as advertised!


hahahahaha 😊😊😊 Scotch as in Scottish



Hehe glad I could get you so excited

Thank you for thos recipe! I'm gonna try this one. My egg will not be boring to eat anymore! Sunny side up and scrambled eggs, bye for now! 😍😂


Bye Felicia eggs!

I miss scotch eggs. Scotch eggs and fish and chips is what will make America great again :(

Wow! I really need to test this out because I​ got hungry right now!!!

Looks great! I really want to try this, when I hard boil eggs i completely mess the shell peeling and my eggs is full of little wholes lol. I love soft boiled egg, and my 10 months little girl does too :)

I should start cooking and posting here in steemit


The trick is to immediately plunge them into iced water. This arrests the cooking procedure. Then, when you peel the eggs, grab onto that fine little skin just under the eggs, and pull gently. 💜


Ahhh I have done that before, but to keep the shells from making a mess. I didn't know it also help with a smoother peel. How long do I leaving them in the water?


Just a bit. Not too long x

Wow..different from the recipe I'm used to
I'm so trying this out! Thank you @princessmewmew

yummy i love this

Wow it's really amazing.thank you very much.

to have some real knowledge fellows follow me on steemit

Those look delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

Meke me yummy

I'm gonna try this recipe real soon! Looks delicious (not to mention that it has eggs on it). Thank you for this!


pleasure babes!

I really could use this right now. I must try this out. Thanks a lot for this.

Oh wow it looks delicious.....thanks for sharing

Oh my looking at this is getting so hungry. i love eggs especially when the yoke is that consistency. Great job.


yeah, there is nothing better than a softly boiled egg! Booya!



Sweet food and nice post

This is one of those things I'll try to make at home and end up questioning my life


ahahha! why would that be?

I had never seen this recipe. So original. I loved! thanks, I follow you


great! thank you, we appreciate that

This isnt fair!
Your taste buds must have put this delicious post together. The her-story of the picnic to, of course, you had to throw in anchovies!
My favorite to exqustity salt this breaded delight, I love eggs and this, I must try.
Excellent instructions and recipe!
Signing off with a watering mouth now...


yes, i LOVE anchovies tooo much! And i love history! WHat could be more perfect 💜

thanks for your comment

wow! such a great post

Mouthwatering at first sight!

Looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe. I'll make sure that I bookmark your post or it will be lost forever.. lol.. This post made me hungry..

Anyway, there is also a street food here in the Philippines where they mix boiled chicken/quail egg with flour and a food coloring and deep fried it. Called Kwek-Kwek.. I know its not the same but they both are using boiled egg as one of the recipe...


wow, that looks YUM! Thanks so much for commenting

I've Follow, Upvote. Interesting post. I like, multiply the article and expand it again. Spirit and keep working. Follow me @madimancity

I'm hungry, someone should buy me a coke let eat my scotch egg.


thank you for this beautiful post, package my scotch egg and send it as am waiting to receive my

I rarely salivate but I just did then I quickly ran back to my post about food, WHY SWALLOW BLOCKS WHEN YOU NEED A HOUSE_ DEEP SECRET.

c'est trés bon a manger

Wow wow seems so good to be enjoyed, it looks like you are the ideal parent of the kids, have a nice day

Mmmm that look tasty, i will make it next time, hope to steem more recipe @adsactly

Yummi..... :P

posting is very useful. please upvote me friend

Looks like a wonderful breakfast

a very unique creation... And delicious of course...😊👍

Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.

This is a new recipe for me. Thanks so much for showing a nice thing. Hopefully everyone will love. It is very good for many people who like to eat eggs. waiting for your new post.

his formula looks so flavorful and enjoyable to make. I'm going to give this a shot today around evening time when I return home from work. and it looks terrifically divine, another choice to appreciate, thank you for sharing this formula, I will clearly endeavor to do it! respects

Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍.

yummi... Poached eggs inside meatloaf, so delicious...

Nice one. Pls reteem and upvote

¡¡Yummmi yummmi!!!... Hello, amazing post, excellent and a like recipe, you are very good teaching, i from Venezuela! Thanks for sharing 😀🍽 @adsactly

It's a lot of fun to see

Looking Awesome
yammy dish

I make scotch quail eggs all the time. They make a perfect sized treat!


ah, that sounds incredible! TBH - I have never tried Quail's Eggs. Always have wanted to.

thanks for stopping by 💜


Quail eggs are amazing! Its pretty much the same as a chicken in flavor, but their yolk is larger in comparison and they are really creamy and well....eggy lol!
I love wrapping them in sage seasoned sausage and garlic breadcrumbs.


Ooh that sounds pretty damn good. I must find me some quail eggs then

This will be very delicious...but cant see some of the ingredients here....i hope to have it tasted...thanks so much

Eggs full of nutritional foods, eggs also have vitamins that can keep the body from cold, malaria and other diseases

You have done a wonderful job by showing us how to make a scotch egg with beautiful pictures. This educative and informative, this your post let me know secret on how to prepare scotch egg. Thank you for this post.


it's a pleasure. I am glad you found it so useful!

Excellent recipe @adsactly I will try to put it into practice with local ingredients from my country, thanks for sharing.

Looks delicious, thanks for sharing. I am new to steemit, I also post about food and other interests. Please checkout my posts and upvote. Thanks.

thanks for the recipes you share, I love it and I will try the recipe from you

It looks very delicious!
and in KOREA, we have 계란빵, it made by eggs as like scotch.
In my blog, I upload 계란빵 recipe.
welcome to visite!


So delicious wow can't wait to try it out

Interesting post. Thanks for teaching us this. I never know how to prepare this before.


it is a pleasure! Let me know if you ever make it :)

Awesome, now I know the meaning of picnic and I'm trying this recipe out the next time I'm going on one. This post is educative and your mom seems to be an awesome person. :smile:


hehe! She is as mommy as any mommy could be

Thank you for your kind comment :)

Can I get that Ubered to my house!!! Looks amazing!


I am vegan, but this looks pretty good!


ah man, i did try to think of an alternative. I could make it vegetarian by subbing soy mince for the pork, but not too sure about that egg.

Let me know if you have any ideas.

ymmmm test food ...which make hungry

This looks absolutely amazing...I am a huge fan of eggs Benedict but have never had scotch eggs.

One problem I’ve had is that I cannot have gluten. I’ve yet to find a good English muffin- it’s an important part of it.

Maybe scotch eggs would be a good alternative because I could easily supplement the bread crumbs for a glutenless alternative.

You certainly know how to get the attention of hungry people in the morning...


yes, you can use anything instead of the bread crumbs... You could even usea gluten free cracker or something like that


Yeah absolutely, there’s plenty of options regarding bread crumbs

yummy ... Very delicious! I hope you have a good appetite. Greetings from Latino America

Wow! it will definitely taste great

Qué delicioso, esa comida está preparada y es muy tradicional aquí en mi pueblo, cojedes-venezuela. Saludos @adsactly

I wish \i could try this method on how to prepare something delicious to eat.

OMG i love these!

I flagged for disagreement on payout.

It looks delicious !
I have to do it!
Thank you for inspiration :)

Looks so delish!!!:)

Your recipe is simply delicious. Everything is described in such detail that after reading, there is only one feeling - appetite :)
Animations very much complement the main text.
Now I definitely should try this dish
Thank you


great comment, thank you so much

Nice Post
Keep it up & Keep Following @sohailomi

Scotch eggs!!! And those are amazing looking ones too. Top notch recipe!


OMG i just ad my diner but after i read this post. i feel hungry again ,whhat mean this ? i will let my wife know about this recipe and i will ask to prepare it tomorrow or after tomorrow i will post a photo there :) thank you

Sounds awesome! I am on ketosis diet tbh, but this- just do not use bread crumbs- And I am good to cook :)

In my childhood the most joyful Sunday's event was the cooking of my mom candy made of burnt sugar. It was just cocks and balls on the stick. Such a treat, we were insanely happy. Everywhere only had cakes with butter cream, but it was the most delicious.


Thanks alot for sharing.. I went through it line by line and became hungry so i made mine... Loking forward to more exciting recipies in the near future

this method is so interisting for me... i want to see your next this type post... carry on

excellent post I love the picnic and feel the outdoors when you share a delicious dish is the best

excellent receipt i love it i will try as per our local ingredients it look very testy and delicious

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so delicious

mmmm just made scotch eggs last week. soooo good!

Nice post

taste, spicy juicy getting water into my mouth,, i will try to do same,, nice food recipe, ,, excellent,,

@adsactly OMG these food looks delicious! I love it and i will try it. Congratulations, dear. Well done! I just posted a recipe too so I would love you to see it and give me your opinion.

You should do this fulltime @princessmewmew, because you actually look professional putting this together. Thanks for the visual memes, they brought the post alive. It's as if you brought your kitchen space to steemit in 3D. Thanks for your post, really enjoyable. Keep them coming!


Oh thank you so much that is really appreciated 😉 I have often though about doing that!

Oh mi goshh it looks delicious, thanks for the recipe

Nice recipe ​will try it...I grew up eating yummy!26865582_146409909411100_8316060792575229952_n.jpg


Jis ja! Lekker :)

Yum!!! I need more people to follow ;) I love food
Love cooking
And gardening

Great post and they look great !

Looking nice food, make me hungry.

the food is delicious and very tempting

It really look delicious!

iam cooking that tonight thank you so much lol

Wow very nice post

Todo se ve muy delicioso, tu post me dio mucha hambre, gracias por compartir...
Un abrazo

Excellent recipe!!!

Thanks for sharing , i love scotch eggs , normally ill add a little peace black pudding and finely chopped mushrooms to the mince and roll them in flour -> egg wash -> breadcrumbs. give it a try if you wish

This is a good recipe. I will also try this at home, but I will use beef sausage instead, since I don't eat pork. thank you for sharing the whole detail here.


I’m sure beef will be fine. X

perfect eggs! my question though.. how exactly did you cook and peel it without being mushy and tear it up?


By plunging it in the ice water, it arrests the cooking process


ahh.. so that's the trick. thanks! got to remember that.

So delicious, made me hungry

Stop it, you're making me hungry!

Never knew picnic was derived from a french word good to know. Your presentation is amazing and I feel like I could prepare this recipe. Im just not sure if it would taste the same as the local pork sausage we have here has a different flavor which is salty and with a strong garlic flavor. I won't be able to achieve the authentic taste of your recipe.


Ah, I’m sure your version will be wonderful

you definitely changed my plain old deviled egg recipe into a
Champion! keep Steemin!

Love this post very nicely organized and the pictures to go along with the steps help a lot to so you know what your looking for in the recipes . I’m doing a food blog to so this gives me a good template on how to give a simple but clean format. Thank you.

  ·  2년 전

mind blowing...


Steemit is on so many levels, nice of you to notice!

Interesting real recipe, one more for the list to make and taste

Wow those look incredible! Attempting for picnic tomorrow~ thanks!

wow delicious.

Great post love it

This is awesome

It's delicious! thanks for the recipe I will try to recreate it! I am new to this community and I love seeing this type of post! Thanks for sharing


thanks so much for your support!

I'm happy to follow you

thank you for sharing

the best recep, i like.

Your post is very qualified, I was inspired after reading your writing, may I more regularly in writing for the future. Steady, keeps rich ...

I love these when the are made wuth beef. They taste soo good that i always overeat them. Also i like it when the eggs a little more boiled compared to this.

I love this new recipe for scotch eggs, although they look a little different from how they are made in Nigeria @adsactly

It's really great. I'm free to try it tomorrow. It's very similar to the lion head in our country. I don't know how it tastes. I'd like to talk to you about the menu.

This is the best recepy presentation I have ever watched. I just endeavored one time and I 'm not a conventional in cooking.

In any case, vy seeing your post its not lookin troublesome. Consistently a marvelous time on your blog. An obligation of appreciation is all together to share.

It looks really delicious!! I must try it today!!

I need this food😚 @adsactly

I quite appreciate your upbringing as a kid, coupled with the fact that you like cooking with passion. I like your meals always, please keep it up. I upvote you.


Thank you so much! It is appreciated

I quite appreciate your upbringing as a kid, coupled with the fact that you like cooking with passion. I like your meals always, please keep it up. I upvote you.

6 eggs just won’t do, I’ll be at least doubling this recipe!

so delicious

It looks so Delicious!! Me as a Chef I have a recipe on that with a twist....

First of all, i really like the fact to see, that exist women in the world can cook....... :-)
Food looks really delicious whit alot proteine!

Friends, I want to eat but I have fun.
good post

wow this dishes is nice, I saw this dishes first time after, I cooked it but I didn't use pork sausages because Pork is forbidden by my religion. I used beef instead. thanks for the recipe