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‌After seeing too many reviews. I took few of my guest to Bread & Bean from all the way iqbal town to Bahria. To be honest, it was one of the worst experience considering the services.we reached around 11:30. At first they asked us to sit on ground floor as we have have been told that basement is full. 02 person were taking our order, in fact one of them was writing in a diary. We ordered 04 chicken cheese blasters and Mint Margarita and Lemonade. After few minutes waiter came and told us they can provide Lemonade as they don't have mint margarita. Then after wasting 38min, upon exclaiming for this much delay we have been told that they forgot to place order 😣. At 12:50 they serve the burgers without fries. They serve the fries after we had finished with the burgers. There was no salt in the fries. Complaining regarding fries we have been told these were late.if these were late at least they should not forget to add salt into the fries. . Upon requesting to change, they sprinkle Chat masala and bring back the same plate. We requested again to at least put some cheese so that we might have the taste but in spite of putting cheese, waiter bring ketchup which made no difference to tasteless fries. Although owner excuse us for the too much delayed response but i found him a little non professional as he was not listening and defending himself. He told us things were scattered in kitchen and we r understaff today bla bla bla.i didn't found any sort of load of customers. If there was any managerial issue they should close cafe for one day. At first i thought it might be the service issue only for today but one of the other customer said its the routine issue.There was family and few complaining the same. To be honest burger was too tasty but the service was too pathetic and staff ws nt seemed professional. They compensate us with 3 pastries but we had wasted a lot of time with no right thing at the right time at all.we were too exhausted on this much delayed with non-professional attitude.
Hope they shall improve.

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