Dubai Street Foods

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Who doesn't like food ? I think finding that's type of people is totally impossible . Because food is power, without food we cannot live.

We always not eating for only hunger and energy . Sometimes for Fancy .

In Our Dubai many peoples like eating in big hotel and restaurants . Some for Habit and Some for Showoff their Asset .
But Many people in Dubai love to eat street foods .
Street Foods price also cheap , and quality not bad .

I also love street foods , because At Night, Eating in Open environment .................. umm that feelings I cannot explain .


Many peoples saying that these foods are not hygienic , Those foods can be harmful for our body .

Yeah , That's not false at all . Because Open place foods cannot be hygienic .

So those food sellers need to be more careful about hygienic and others facts , that people never got any harm from their foods .

By The Way, Still there have not a small record for food poisoning from street foods .


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Food is good your health

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Yes :)

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