2년 전

Good morning to all the community of steemit after the announcements of yesterday that left us all with an air of uncertainty in the environment today to sweeten the environment a bit I want you to talk about bread cake an easy cake

to prepare with a particular flavor.

It is a cake basically made with leftovers, its preparation is quite simple.

Its ingredients are:

• 2 cups of ground hard bread
• 2 cups of liquid milk
• 4 eggs
• 1 cup of sugar
• 1/2 cup of condensed milk
• 6 teaspoons of margarine
• 1 spoon of vanilla
• Raisins to taste
• Rum and cinnamon to taste

For the preparation, hydrate the bread with liquid milk at the same time that a caramel is prepared with the sugar, pour the caramel and the totortera mix in a bowl the sugar with the margarine add the eggs and beat well until logar a homogeneous mixture add the milk Condensed cinnamon and rum and continue whisking later join with the bread moistened with milk and apply the raisins is applied in the mold and baked for 45 to 150 g, let stand for 15 min after baking and remove from the mold auntes de que se cool completely so that the candy does not stick in the tortera and ready to eat with coffee with milk.


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