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Great hearty meal for breakfast, brunch, lunch or supper! 

This is a versatile one-pan recipe you can sub or add ingredients as desired-- try cheese, ham, mushrooms, tomatoes. 

My grandmother used to make this for us. She always believed in hearty breakfasts.

This is very heavy but delicious breakfast. 


2 large potatoes
2-3 smoked sausages
1 tablespoon butter
3 eggs
½ cup milk
Fresh dill or parsley
ground pepper, salt if needed


Step 1: Preheat oven 180 C/ 350 F.
Step 2: Peel and slice your potatoes into thick slices. Place in pot of cold salted water, bring to the boil and cook for 3-5 minutes. Strain your potatoes in a colander and set aside.
Step 3: In a pan fry the smoked sausage. Set aside. Add butter in the pan, add potatoes and fry until they start to crisp and colour.
Step 4: Remove potatoes from the heat and arrange potato slices and sausage in your baking dish.
Step 5 : In a medium bowl beat eggs, milk and parsley, then season with salt and pepper. Check how salty your sausage is, you may not need to add salt. Pour egg and milk mixture evenly over potatoes and sausage.
Step 6 : Place dishes in the oven and cook for 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Enjoy the video:

Lots of love,

Alla xox

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Resteemed looks amazing, thanks for sharing!


Yes it does look amazing especially the way you make the potatoes. I'm use to having my potatoes as hashbrowns for my breakfast, usually cooked in oil. This way your boiling and baking; this for sure must be healthier then the deep fried. I look at the presentation it looks amazing; this could go along side your scrambled eggs for a complete breakfast. A lot of the time it's hard to eat a good breakfast due to work, late mornings, or just not having the time. But breakfast is so important we all need to try an have a breakfast every morning, even if you don't have time make time. Say you do have time though, take 30 mins out of your day and make something unique like our friends recipe above. Trying something new is usually always delightful, delicious, an amazing experience. Thank you for a great post bless 🙏


you are welcome!

waaauw :D
that will get me out of bed now.
keep on posting here, good work

It looks delicious :)

Wow, this post made me hungry. 😂

A healthy breakfast makes you up for whole day.

Worth sharing

@ allasyummyfood as always, looks delicious! I am sure you can stand a very hard day at work eating that for breakfast ahha

Looks good i will test it in Germany thank you ;)

Oh, how delicious it looks! I had an appetite. Thank you!

Such a lovely thing to read... LOVE FOOD LOVE LIFE :D
THANK YOU @allasyummyfood.


thanks a lot!!

i don know why i came a cross this post but it made
me hungry just looking @ it juicy pictures
i upvt an r-steemed
thax 4 this post SteemOn

I'm sure it taste as good as it looks. Great meal and post.

This is so similar to our South African POtato Bake! Looks delis, not sure if i could handle this for breakfast!

Thanks, Alla!


ooh no way really? sounds good!! D

Keep on posting

@allasyummyfood Your cooking skills is really impressive. My first time on your blog, gives me the feeling of greatness. I'm glad I followed you, thanks for sharing!

Yummy! By occasion I have got all the ingredients today, so I will try it out!

more of these simple recipes please!!

Thank for your sharing. It is not difficult to cook. Simple ingredients can create a amazing dish ^^


yes exactly ;))))

I love hearty breakfasts and would add tofu sausage and the mushrooms as you suggested. And afterwards I would fall on the couch and enjoy a lazy sunday 😆 Thanks for the nice inspiration Alla & a happy sunday for you!


hahahah love your idea of a sunday! thats what i will do today!! :)))


I always imagine you busy working in the kitchen non-stop :)
Enjoy your day!

Wow, that looks amazing. Potatoes, sausages, AND eggs! Now this is a food I can get behind lol I'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing :)


welcome ;))) enjoy!!!!

Looks healthy and yummy !

Look yummy. Thanks for sharing.

Simple and appetizing!)))

This is Interesting and easy, I have to try :) Very good :)

Wow. Looks really awsome :0) I have to try this. Thanx for sharing. Resteemed

Seems like the perfect way to start a day! Thanks for sharing, upvoted! :D

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Looks very delicious....hammm

Oh Yeah - I'm doing this right now!! Thanks!

give me some

This looks amazing!

this is helpful

Nice! This has something dutch in it, which we call stew

Nice food! Thank you for sharing the recipe to us!

Thats a really delicious meal whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. I upvoted and resteemed. Love u for sharing

@allasyummyfood Your cooking skills is really impressive. My first time on your blog, gives me the feeling of greatness. I'm glad I followed you, thanks for sharing!

Wow. That looks really good. Yummy. Hungry already. Will try it. Looks great. Love breakfast idea.

it is absolutely good breakfast.
and mushroom, tomatoe is my favorite.
it is for me.^^

thank you.

Thanks for bringing us such easy and simple to read recipes. Looks so tasty!


yeah its really easy and so tasty!!!

I make a similar version with bacon and onions (I am severely allergic to most sausages so I have to substitute) My parents used to make that for me as a Sunday breakfast. I recommend to anybody if you never tried it.


mmmm sounds good!!!

Thank-you for posting a delicious breakfast recipe for foodie like me

ahan so nice and tasty i also love these kind of food when you post these type of dishes it reminds me my hometown and i always try to make food which you posted daily , in short im your fan in this food stuff , keep it up n make more dishes like this . n i also wanna show you my yesterday dish here which i made for me and my family on here in tokyo , we are here for family trip for 10 days here i show you one pic of that dish i hope you also like that


i hope you like it because you know btr about cooking


heheh thank you :) it looks nice!


thanks a lot it all because of you mam , i get all this inspiration from you mam , keep it up and make more good dishes , pleasure of mine to talk with you here on steemit ,

I might be a little late in joining in here. But I had to upvote and make a comment. That is my kind of food. I can almost taste it now. Ha
I would love to try this. Not possible for me right now though.
Maybe in about two weeks or so.
Thank you for posting this. Should be easy. But, we all know...............


i love this dish too ! I always use Chinese sausage brings different Asian flavour :)

In my country we called it "Zemnieku brokastis."
Very delicious, not hard to make and everyone will be full. :)


yeah thats what its called! lol I'm from latvia are you?


Jā, es esmu no Latvijas. Baigā sakritība! :D

heavy breathing cat.jpg

Fuu fuu * Stomach Growls Loudly *

I will have to try it! Thx for the recipe :)

Looks very good! Never had this before and I kinda want it now lol

Oh my word, now that's a breakfast!!!! xxx

It looks very easy to cool and yummy ! Upvoted and resteemed 😊

Breakfast for dinner it is

i will try to make for sure

Excellent photographs, well done!

This looks really yummy!

I just saw your blogs in the trending area... wow.. never thought you got a lot blogs like that.. very nice... I am a food lover and this one is very good.. I should try this when i got back to my place... again, upvoted and followed


ooh cool :)) welcome!! i hope you enjoy my blog!

Again, another simple, but a sure-to-please-everyone kind of food! You can never go wrong with potatoes and sausages!

Looks yummy :D

This really looks great. I will cook it for my children, my little farmers :D Thx a lot for uploading this video

This was the first recipe I saw on Steemit before I joined the community. I just signed up yesterday and I spent about 20 minutes trying to find your page again. Your website is gorgeous and your Youtube page is amazing. I love how simple this is to do, using fresh ingredients and all the things that we love. My husband will surely love this dish.

Thanks for your recype i would try to make it with mom, in a farm house
I share with you in our country the base of our breakfast is the eggs milk cheese, and bananas boiled and fried
It is the normal breakfast with beans, the beans every times are in our breakfast.

But in some times we rarely eat pankcakes, maybe two times at year.
I try your recype changue the potatoes for malangas or ñame
It is Xanthosoma sagittifolium and Dioscorea bulbifera.
Sounds great because i only uses it boiled and it is another great form
To prepared a delicious recype with mi mom.
And i make it in a artesanal oven it is warm with wood and you
Uses it.
Thanks . Lot :)


sounds good :)) i hope you enjoy it!! please take a picture if you do make it!!


I promise i send when prepared this delicious but it will be around october when the harvest of this plant are finish ok. Thanks a lot. :)

@allasyummyfood I found out later in life I have Latvian heritage! Are you from that area?

This looks delicious - and is for me as a vegetarian :) Will try it out. TY!