Russian Sour Cream Cake (Smetannik)

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Russian Sour Cream Cake (Smetannik)

This delicious sour cream cake is to die for. Its very light, not too sweet and super soft like cloud. 

This cake is an absolute ideal accompaniment to an evening of tea with friends or a family birthday party. 

The cake absolutely melts in your mouth and its dainty taste is not overpowering or cloyingly sweet. 

Smooth and delicious Russian cake, it’s very presentable and pretty. For all of you out there. Enjoy!


For the dough:
1 cup OR 200 ml of milk
1 egg
pinch of salt
4 tbsp of vegetable or sunflower oil
Fast action dry yeast 7-10 gr ( one sachet) ( + 1 tbsp of sugar)
4 cups OR 500 gr of plain flour 

For the filing:
2 cups OR 500 gr of sour cream
1 tsp of vanilla extract
5 tbsp of sugar
4 very large eggs or 6 medium eggs


Step 1 : Make your dough. Add 1 egg into the bowl with pinch of salt. Whisk it and then add warm milk ( not hot or cold, but luke warm). Then add your 1 tbsp of sugar, sifted flour and yeast. Mix everything together until it forms a nice dough. ( about 5 min)

Step 2 : Add oil back into the bowl and place your dough in there. Cover with damp towel and leave to rest for 30 min - 1 hour. 

Step 3 : Once your dough had time to rest, roll it out. use flour on the surface and on your dough. I am using 26 cm pan, so roll out enough to cover the bottom and the sides of the pan. Make sure you have lined it with parchment paper and sprayed with cooking oil around the edges. 

Step 4 : To make the filling, add large 4 or 6 medium eggs into your bowl. Add sugar and vanilla extract. Whisk it for 5-7 min until it doubles in volume and becomes pale colour. We want to get in as much air as possible. To test it, move your whisk to see if you get the ribbons, then its ready. 

Step 5 : Gently fold in your sour cream and mix well. Pour the mixture into your cake tin. Bake your cake at preheated oven 180 C / 350 F for 40-45 min. If it starts to brown too soon, add foil paper on top of the cake. The cake needs to be wobbly in the middle. You can touch the middle with you hand, if it doesn't fall through, take it out and leave to cool down completely ( 1-2 hours)

Step 6 : Enjoy it warm or cold, sprinkle with icing sugar and decorate with fresh fruit! 

Watch the video here:

Lots of love,

Alla xox

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Dear God this looks amazing 🤤 nomnomnomnomnom

Russian Sour Cream Cake look so good..thanks Alla

What a cake -.- but im on a diet!

  ·  4년 전

Haha, allasyummyfood. <3
All I know is that I love cake!
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Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!! That would have gone well with the coffee I'm having now :-)

Looks very tasty indeed @allasyummyfood check out the food on my page too, you might like some of it also ;-)


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@allasyummyfood you are doing am awesome job love to watch your videos


thank you soo much!!!!

Alla you reached 3.5k followers. when is the give away party? :p

This looks delicious you make it look so easy! I would love to try making this, I am not the best cake maker, but I am enthusiastic and would love to give it a go :)!

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OMG, looks so delicious. I hate you now for making me soooooo hungry :D

wow looks yummy

the cake looks delicious
thank you for posting

So yummy please if it possible can you send me some to my home,lol :D :D

This looks magnificent thanks for all your beautiful posts and recipes.


aww glad you like them ;)))

Please i want some!

Always love your post. Make me happy. Thanks


aww sweet ;****

Wooow it looks so good. Thank you so much for the recipe I will try this week.


yeah do it ;)) its unusual but well worth it!!

Again ! Allasyummyfood !

Your Videos are such great quality !
Cake look delicious!


I still have no raspberries ready here, so I'm waiting for another two weeks :) Then I come back and look more this here. :)

I tried it at once in Russia, it was delicious! Are you russian yourself or how did you come up with the idea? Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will definitely try to bake it myself! Are you a sushilover? I just posted some sushi photography and funny facts.


thanks so much!! yeah I'm half russian! hahah yes who doesnt like sushi!!

Heyy is a delight to share with familia. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

Looks so delicious! :o

Looks very soft and moist from inside. Must taste delicious.


yeah it is really amazing !!:)))

thank you for recipe! I will try as well I to prepare today


yay awesome :) tag me and let me know when you do it!!!

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hehe yeah its so easy and so yum!

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This looks and sounds delightful! I love the pictures & video!

Alla, Looks yum! Wonder how much it would cost for you to send me a piece...oh Heck! Just send me the whole cake! Great recipe. I like!


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Scrumptious, wish this dessert was on my dining table. I'm sure I couldn't pass it up. Probably won't last long in my dining table. lol

Delicious looking cake. Thanks for sharing!

Mmmmm suddenly I got hungry. Tnx for sharing this recipe with us, will sure try it.

Me encanta gracias por compartir

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Sour cream cake. I really like sour cream, but in a cake. I'd like to try that.

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