A twist of mango and mint

4년 전


Elements of Chilled Darjeeling First Flush with Mango and Mint


8 tsp of darjeeling initially flush tea

some water

4 tsp of nectar

1 lime for lime squeeze and pizzazz

Mango (ideally ready Alphonso mango, peeled and cut)

8 new mint clears out

The most effective method to Make Chilled Darjeeling First Flush with Mango and Mint

Heat water to the point of boiling, and after that expel from flame to cool.

At that point add the tea leaves to an expansive pot and permit to soak for 4-5 minutes.

Strain tea into a perfect container and keep in the profound cooler.

Include nectar, lime squeeze and get-up-and-go from 1 lime to the tea.

Include frosted water (sans the ice) to the tea to make enough for 4 glasses and furthermore to weaken the tea which would somehow or another be seriously seasoned.

Add mangoes and mint to the chilled tea and serve in tall glasses.

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