Delicious mango drink

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Elements of Mango Squash

1 kg sugar

1/4 container lemon juice

Mango juice (mango mash, stressed through a fine strainer)

1 kg mangoes for the juice

Step by step instructions to Make Mango Squash

Technique 1

Include sugar, lemon juice and mango squeeze in a dish.

Cover the skillet and place it under the sun for a couple of days.

Guarantee giving it a mix no less than 3-4 times each day.

Whenever broke up, store in clean jugs.

Strategy 2

Include 4 mugs sugar and 2 mugs water in a dish.

Heat to the point of boiling.

Ensure that the substance are broken up totally.

Cook over high warmth or till one-string consistency is come to.

Take it off the warmth and blend in the lemon and mango juice.

Store in sanitized impenetrable jugs.

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i love mango juice. i try it with your Recipe

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