A sad moment.


A week ago I got a present from a good friend.

Everybody knows that I adore Kit Kat.

She invested in a family pack, plenty of small pieces of heaven.

I am about to eat the last one.

It is a sad moment.

I'll never buy such a thing, as I try to eat healthy food, however

I will eat everything is offered to me, not on a regular basis.

My photo with my MI.

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Mmh Kit Kat


  ·  작년

@antonella I just love chocolate 😘

i like .Kit Kat. But everyday not eting this testy food

kitkat indonesia :D

I AM from India I love kit kat chocolate it's my best best second favourite chocolate 🔥♥️

  ·  작년

Very addictive, my guilty pleasure.

Al leer el post me pregunté y en cuanto tiempo te lo comiste, cuantos eran, te das cuenta de la melancolía, porque ya no tienes mas? Estas enturbiando el placer de comerte ese último con el pensamiento de que ya no tendrás mas . La vida es así. Saludos

remind old memories...

I think Expectations is a good thing because when we expect something from someone It will be late it but when we knows that what we expect from our friend this excitement is also too interesting from the after 30 or you can say better for status like I can take you an example that like festival when we know that in a date that will comes but when it across with our life you will get sad so excitement is good when we have some good times with our friends when this friend will go far from us we will get worried and being very sad and miss the old days..

Nice chocolate

  ·  작년

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You're glad that you have friends who will going to effort to give you chocolates and everything.

I want kit kat

But even due that fact that you try to keep healthy food diet you should sometimes allow yourself to eat what you want!

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I really need to taste this

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I am also a fan of chocolate, the Venezuelan cacao is very good and rich.

Felicitaciones, Buen Post.