Lemon Always.


Having a good life is also based upon what we eat and what we drink.

I try to implement this axiom whenever possible.

One of my key ingredients for achieving the goal is lemon.

The problem is that not always I have lemons at home, however,

I have a pretty good solution; it is lemon juice.

The small bottle in the picture contains the juice of 8 lemons.

I use it for everything; mainly when I drink, I always put some lemon juice in my water.

The only caveat of this bottled juice is that it also contains E224, a preservative, 

also known as Potassium Metabisulfite.

I'd always prefer natural juice but this is not always possible.

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Hi dear @antonella . Your drink is superb and beneficial for health no dought. But Turns out we should have kept that metal container, because the one-time-use plastic bottles that water, soda and juice come in are proven to leach DEHP, a carcinogen, into the liquids. And old-style Nalgene bottles (those wide, smoked plastic ones that a lot of camping types love) are also no-no’s. They leach BPA, a synthetic hormone that may cause cancer.

Thanks and take care all of you 😎😘😎

The lemon juice, also used to fight many bacteria, is excellent for purify water, and attack a stoma infection that we can suffer, from acidity to diarrhea, of course, excessive abuse is not good. Excellent point of booking the lemon juice.

good solution, best regards!

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I've used the plastic lemon juice containers b4, I find the taste disgusting, and also hate the thought of the plastic leaching into the product. They just don't taste right. Fresh lemons are best, soaked in water and vinegar for about half an hour b4, rinse and use, it's removes the pesticides

I really like tea with lemon. This lemon juice is excellent there.

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Lemon has alkaline that helps your body but I recommend use of fresh lemon, not juice in plastic container.

"As you approach your day by day life, you will experience numerous lemons. Acrid articulations, sharp dispositions, harsh airs! The good thing is that on the off chance that you would prefer not to be a ...