Freshwater Tutut or Snail Recipe that is beneficial for health


Tutut or rice conch is a kind of small conch that usually lives in fresh water such as rice fields or swamps. Usually it is found among rice field trenches, rice stalks, among rocks or hiding in the bottom of rice field mud.


Snails like this usually have different names in each region or region. While the name Tutut itself is taken from the Sundanese language, while in Aceh it is called Umet.

Snails or Tutut are pests that can damage rice plants, therefore farmers often catch and collect them to eradicate the growth of the snails in their paddy fields.

Not unexpectedly it turns out Lo is very frightened by farmers, it turns out that it can be processed into a delicious cuisine. Farmers are often frustrated by the number of snails that live in the fields. Therefore they often eradicate by using drugs so that they die quickly.

If in West Java many people who catch it to be made food as you see in my post.
Tutut or conch in West Java, especially Garut and surrounding areas are often made into a typical food of rural communities, not even just consumed by themselves.

But many have made it as daily income as a livelihood to support his family.
from the results of tutut processing by selling it at restaurants or selling it with carts that are often under the circumference.

Some people consider tutut to be a disgusting and unhealthy food, because its habitat is in mud or dirty water. It may be that there are germs and worms in the Tutut content.

But make no mistake, this rice conch or Tutut has a high nutritional content, can be utilized as a source of animal protein that is able to make the immune system increase and there are still many beneficial contents for the human body that is owned by the conch.

Maybe the processing is also not difficult, you can soak the conch and then clean the shell, then you must cut the back so that it can be cleaned from the dirt that sticks from the rest of the piece.

Oh yes, these rice field snails can also be processed into super delicious culinary dishes for you to taste at home with family. This conch is shelled, usually the people of Suda or West Java they cook it with savory and spicy yellow seasoning.


How to make :

  1. Soak the tutut first for one night so that he will remove the dirt in the shell.

  2. Then clean the shells with both hands until the moss attached to the shell is clean, do it repeatedly until it's really clean.

  3. After feeling tutut clean from moss or dirt, then cut the back or the tail to remove the dirt in the shell and for easy time to eat it.

  4. Wash a few times so that it is clean then set aside and continue to be cooked in a frying pan.

The ingredients that must be prepared are:

-. turmeric to taste
-. 5 candlenuts
-. 5-7 cloves of garlic
-. 5-7 fruit onions
-. Just enough cayenne pepper to taste
-. 2 scallions cut into small pieces
-. 3 bay leaves
-. 1-2 lemongrass stems in geprek first to make it more fragrant when cooked
-. Galangal to taste
-. Salt and sugar to taste
-. Cooking oil is sufficient to saute it
-. And add a little water to make it more delicious when you eat it

The next step is to make it:


  • Blend the garlic with onion, cayenne pepper, turmeric, candlenut into a prepared skillet or pot.

  • Prepare a frying pan, then pour the oil into it, and don't forget to heat it.

  • After that the oil is hot then don't forget to put the spices that have been crushed and saute until it smells nice when someone sucks it makes stomach growling.

  • And put the tutut that has been cleaned earlier into stir-fry if it can be stirred until it is completely flat.

  • Add a little lemon grass, bay leaves, and galangal so that the dish emits a traditional aroma and spices.

  • Then add enough water, leeks if you like, salt and sugar.

  • Cook until it really tastes ripe and tender when you eat it.

  • Taste the food to make sure it tastes delicious and special.

  • After tasting, then Lift and serve the dish of course with warm rice and enjoy it together with the family at home.

For me, what's interesting about this dish is the way to eat it, which is by siphoning or inhaling the flesh directly from the shell. Once fired can immediately and taste very tasty and special.

For those who have difficulty suctioning tutut meat from their shells, they can use tools such as toothpicks to pry out snails or tutut from their shells. Oh yes friends and thank you for reading this article, may be useful as a reference for a favorite menu for the family and at home.


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