Today diner time

3년 전

Hello my all steemit dostion.ajj maine app ko apni diner time maine jao maine ajj khai uss kye photo dekhao ga.mujhe umeed hai app ko ajj kye mere post bhut hai zaida achi lagye gai aur pasand bhi ayaai gyee.mujhe khubabh bhut hai achi lagte hai aur ajj maine uss kye saath hai diner kya tha.jao mujhe bhut hai zaida pasand hai aur mere ghar walo ko bhi bhut hai achi lagte hai.mere ghar maine saab ko bhut hai zaida yeahi food pasand hai aur bhut hai zaida shouq sy khtai hai saab loog.maine bhi bhut pasand kartai hoo uss ko.


ajj mere ghar mere dost bhi mere ghar maine ayaai howey thy.maine unn kye saath hai diner kya tha ghar maine hai aur mujhe bhut hai zaida acha bhi lagai diner.mujhe aur mere dostion ko ajj kye jao dish thy kabhaab woh bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai kabhi kabhi hum yeahi kabhaab bazaar sy bhi mangwai kar khtai hai.

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