Today diner time

3년 전

Salam dostion ajj maine app kye saath apni diner kye photo share kerehai hoo app ko bhi achi lagye gai mere photo.friend mujhe ghoust bhut hai zaida acha lagtai hai aur pasand bhi hai ajj maine diner maine ghoust khai.mere ghar maine saab loog bhut hai zaida pasand karte hai ghoust ko aur maine bhi bhut pasand kartai hoo ghoust mere ghar maine saab loog khtai hai shouq sy.maine aur mere ghar wale uss ko bhut hai zaida pasand karte hai.maine apni dostion kye saath ajj ghoust khai aur saath maine hum logion na colddrink ka bhi istmaal kya uss kye saath friend cold drink mujhe bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai.friend yeahi jao app dekh rehai hai yeahi bakra ka ghoust hai.aur saab sy best bakra ka ghoust hota hai.loog uss ko shadi kye mouqa phire bhi uss ka istmaal zaida karte hai.


jaab humera mode hoo bhair diner kerne ka tu hum bakra kye ghoust kye curry banwate hai aur khtai hai yeahi maine khudh apni ghar maine banyai tha.mere pass bakra ka ghoust ko tu pta hoga kuch din phalye hai bakra eid guzrehai hai yeahi woh hai wala ghoust hai friends.shadi aur khushi kye mouqa phire bhi uss ka istmaal hota hai zaida.

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