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We were turned down for the warehouse space that I had mentioned before. The owner decided to rent it to a guy he's known for 30 years with an established business. But that's OK because we found a better spot for way less money! Here she is in all her glory!!!

This building is in Yakima, WA which is 40 minutes from where I live and go to school. It actually makes a lot more sense from a business prospective than our original plan of having it in Ellensburg. It is the same size as the last place but it is $500 cheaper per month. PLUS, Yakima has a much larger population so we will have a bigger market for our products.

We don't officially have the place yet but as soon as the application and credit check goes through it should be ours!!! Prospective move in is February 1st. Crazy to think that a couple weeks ago we hadn't even thought about doing this. We just had the idea randomly and decided to go for it.

If you're wondering how a warehouse has anything to do with a farm... then that's a great question. This is going to be an indoor vertical farm that grows microgreens. Microgreens are just the shoots of plants like peas, sunflowers, and radishes. They are harvested only 10 days or so after planting and are the most nutrient dense food you can eat!

Here are some pics from other microgreen farms:

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All the best. Farming is a noble business. Love it.


I figured I would start a business that produces something the world actually needs. It might not make me rich, but I think I will feel good about what I do.


Absolutely. I'm all about saving the world myself. I look for ways and opportunities to help people. It makes me happy each time. Money isn't everything after all.

Wow. Where there's a will there's a way. It's so cool that you're moving at such a fast pace. I know people that sit on their dreams for years.

good luck on your new venture!


Excellent plan, I adore Sunflower Spouts, I eat them with everything when I am growing them.
Much sucess in you very delicious, MicroGreen Endeavor.

This is a really cool concept. Can you share your progress of setting it up step by step, and your progress as it goes? Im keen to follow this

This is interesting. I've never seen anything like this. I hope it grows and is very prosperous.

Quite a working idea has already been implemented, good luck