Bun Mang Vit

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Another dish from Vietnam that i loved. Soup with bun noodle and fried duck.

Bun Mang Vit is a Vietnamese rice vermicelli duck noodle soup with bamboo shoots, garnished with shredded cabbage, thin slices of yellow onions, green onions and a wedge of lemon for squeezing. Other herbs like mint, cilantro, Vietnamese coriander (Rau Ram) and green onions may also garnish the bowl. This noodle soup comes with the must-have ginger fish sauce (Nuoc Mam Gung) on the side for dipping the slices of duck meat.
Alternatively, you can use chicken instead of duck (Bun Mang Ga).
When imagining Vietnamese cuisine, most probably it is gonna be around the great noodle soups. The most known is probably Pho, which means wide noodles in Vietnamese. This recipe is about soup made of thin noodles, called vermicelli, in Vietnamese Bun. It is an amazing combination of duck meat, bamboo shoots and radish.
Dried bamboo shoots add a bit of funk to this soup. Of course, the duck is very tender. It may still be on the bone, so it's a bit of a hassle getting to that delicious meat, and the thick duck skin is left on, which is a bit fatty but quite tasty. Dip the duck meat in the ginger fish sauce that should come with this dish. It's a perfect compliment to the meat. There may also be duck liver, kidney, or congealed duck's blood in it. The broth is often made from chicken or pork as well as duck. The bamboo will give it a bit of a unique taste. Shredded water spinach and bean sprouts can be added to the soup to provide some crunchy nutrition.

There are many other kinds of bun mang including chicken and pork hock - you can try them.
Really love this dish.

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