Green Salad Recipe Challange: Avocado and Cucumber salad.

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Hello steemians. I’m giving you one of my favourite salad recipe. I often make it in the summer months. It’s fresh and tasty.

Also this salad is for #GreenSaladRecipe contest hosted by @chetanpadliya.

I usually have it with grilled salmon but this salad itself is #vegan friendly.

Let’s get started!!
Here is the ingredients that you would need. I will be sure to write the whole recipe at the end of the blog as well.


And this is your dressing ingredients.


This salad is super easy. You just add ingredients into a bowl and mix them up.


And Voilà!! You have fresh tasty salad. You can have it by itself or company with any main dish.

I really hope you guys will try this salad.

Here is the written recipe.
Avocado &Cucumber salad yield 2 servings.

Avocado..........1 small
Seedless cucumber..........50g.
Shallot.............1/2 small
Chili pepper.....1/2 small
Garlic................1/2 small clove

For the Dressing:
olive oil..........2 tsp
Lime juice......1 tsp
Freshly ground black pepper......pinch

Dice all of the ingredients into small cube.

If you can’t find seedless cucumber you can use regular cucumber but you have to take the seeds out. This will prevent the salad getting soggy.

Do the same thing with tomato. Make sure you take all the seeds out.

Then just add all the ingredients including the dressing ingredients into a bowl and mix them up.

Adjust the taste to your liking. But it should be light and fresh.


Enjoy guys!!

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This salad looks amazing! I will be trying it! looking forward to more recipes! Thank you,


@birdsinparadise thank you so much! Please give it a try. Make sure you follow me. I’ll be posting more recipes in the near future.

suitable for diet,, check my post please

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Nice recipe, I'll try it out


Excellent! Please do.

absolutely beautiful.


Thank you.