Growing blackberries

2년 전

Now that autumn is approaching it's time to think about planting some blackberry canes. Ideally plant them in September, so that they bed down and take root well before winter, so they are ready to fruit next summer.

Blackberries like the sun (and the sun makes the fruit sweeter), so plant them in a spot that will get plenty of sunlight. You can get thornless blackberry varieties - but I recommend getting the ones with thorns, which are their natural defence against birds.

The easiest way to plant them is buy buying a ready grown plant in a container. (Though if you want to do a bit of extra work, you can plant them from seed or from cuttings).

You'll need to put in a stake or trellis so the blackberries can climb them - and in the spring you will need to prune them.

They're best eaten freshly picked when they are ripe, with vanilla icecream.

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