Acehnese duck curry

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Sie itek also generally comes in two variants, namely: red cooking and white cooking. The red cooking sauce is indeed red, because one of the main ingredients is red chili. While sie itek white cooking is more like opor cuisine in Java, pale, and not spicy. Some people call this white cooking sie itek called dates. In fact, this dish does not use dates as ingredients or spices.


This Acehnese duck curry dish is indeed the most popular regional specialties. This dish is indeed fat, it's easy for anyone to like. Special, even though the raw material is duck, but there is no rancid aroma that usually accompanies the duck. You see, there are so many spices and aromatic herbs that are used, so this dish immediately smells good.

In the case of sie itek, the most prominent aroma is produced by temuri leaves (also called curry leaves or koja greetings) and pandan leaves which are used to tie each piece of cooked duck. Fragrant herbs used are coriander and cumin (in Aceh language called jira). In fact, there are two types of cumin used in this dish, namely: cumin (cumin) and jira ikan (fennel, aniseed). Jira this fish is usually used to cook fish to eliminate the fishy or rancid aroma. Its use in duck dishes is also for the typical aroma of duck.

Sie Itek Recipe


1 duck (duck) 25 grams of gongseng coconut 1 cup of coconut milk is a little oil to saute


50 g coriander 1 tablespoon white pepper (pepper) 3 tablespoons cumin1 tablespoon cumin fish6 white cardamom3 grains of mace (shriveled, star anise) 1 grain of nutmeg3 red onion cloves5 garlic cloves10 dried red chillies1 pinkie (2 cm) cinnamon1 pinkie (2 cm) turmeric 1 pinkie (2 cm) ginger 5 pecan 1 lemongrass (lemongrass) 1 handful of temurui leaves / greetings koja 5 sheets of daunaram leaves to taste

How to make:

Wash the duck and cut it into pieces.
(Even better if the whole duck is baked for a while so that the fat drips out.
After that it is cut into pieces).
Tie the duck pieces with pandan leaves.
With the exception of lemongrass, cinnamon, and temurui leaves, all the spices are ground and mashed. Saute the spices until smooth, add the pieces of duck. Add coconut milk and water until all the duck pieces are submerged.
Add the lemongrass, cinnamon, and temurui leaves. Cook on low heat until cooked and tender meatHow to make:

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Looks very delicious and easy to make. My mouth filled with water. Thanks for sharing . I feel happy when I eat good food. I believe that food reflects one's personality.