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It's called dizzy karipap because the texture on its very unique outer skin forms circular lines. And usually when in the neighboring country the filling is typical with curry-flavored sardines. Or it could also be curry spice potatoes mixed with beef or chicken or according to the taste you like.


Ingredients for Making Karipap

This crispy curry or karipap is quite easy to make, if in Indonesia we usually know as crispy pastel potatoes. I have made it several times, I really like the texture of the skin which is crispy. This time I share a simple, tasty karipap recipe and a way to make it, with the recipe dosage I used to make, good luck ^ _ ^

Materials and How to Make a Career:


A: 300 grams wheat flour100 grams margarinair to taste Ingredients B: 300 grams of wheat flour Half a glass of vegetable oil Salt salt Adequate water Material stuffing potato curry: 1 kg of potatoes, steamed then puree 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 1 onion cloves, finely sliced ​​Leaf of celery to taste 2 packs of curry powder or 3 tablespoons of curry powder to taste enough salt

How to Make a Career Easily

Make stuffed curry potatoes: saute garlic and onions until fragrant, add the pureed potatoes and mix well.
Add celery leaves, curry powder, sugar and salt to taste.
Stir in all filling ingredients until completely evenly distributed, remove and set aside.
Mix all ingredients A : 300 grams of wheat flour and 100 grams of margarine, mix well while giving water little by little so that it is smooth, after smoothing into several spheres and set aside Mix all ingredients B: 300 grams of flour, half a glass of vegetable oil, a pinch of salt while giving water little by little until dull, divide into several spheres according to the amount of material.
Put the spherical material B and put the circle of material A into it, close it perfectly, flatten using rolling pin.
Then roll, divide 2 and piped again. Add the stuffed curry potatoes, cover it tight and intertwine the edges. Do it until all the ingredients run out, then fry until browned and serve with your favorite sauce

Pastel Skin To Be Crispy

Why do I call pastel, because it turns out it's not easy to make the curled skin texture of the karipap. Even though I've made it often, it can sometimes be frustrating because it can't produce crisp and striped skin textures like the original karipap.

As a result, the initial intention to make karipap produce crispy curry pastel potatoes. But this crispy pastel skin made me quite satisfied, meaning that I only failed to make the striped texture. No, I'll try again hehehe ^ _ ^

Well, finally after several attempts. Karipap skin texture that is striped and circular in pastel potato curry is a little out, though not too noticeable and does not look crunchy, but my karipap curry potato style is really crunchy ... I have photographed and captured it ^ _ ^ Try again ahhh ... who knows that later you will be able to get the same twins with a headache, hehehe. So, Enjoy Your Cooking, Mom: D

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