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Sate Padang is one of the iconic Indonesian delicacies. Meat satay and the tang of beef that has been seasoned, then doused with thick yellow or orange sauce with savory and slightly spicy flavor. Sate padang is usually served with ketupat and balado chips.



Meat: Beef - 500 grams Bay leaf - 3 pieces Galangal, crust - 1 segment Water, to boil - to taste Other: Lemongrass, heat and tie together - 3 sticks Orange leaves, tear - 7 sheets Turmeric leaves, torn - 1 sheet Salam leaf - 4 sheets of rice flour - 3 tablespoons candlenut acid - 2 pieces Satay sticks - to taste Fried onion - to taste Smooth spices: Garlic - 50 grams Red onion - 75 grams Refined ground maize - 3 tablespoons - 2 segments Galangal - 2 segments Turmeric - 2 segments Curry powder - 2 tablespoons Sweet turmeric - 2 segments Curry powder - 2 tablespoonsCandy wood - 10 cmPala - 1 grain Coriander - 1 tablespoon Pepper - 1 tspJinten - 1 tspCooky - 1 tspFlower mace - 2 grainsCapulace - 7 grainsCloves - 7 grainsComplete: Lontong or rhombus - to taste


Boil all meat ingredients until the meat is half tender and not bleed again.
Lift and drain the meat and cut the boxes according to taste.
Set aside.
Store meat / broth boiled water to make soup.
Set aside.
Saute smooth until fragrant.
Add lime leaves, turmeric leaves, and bay leaves. Saute it again until it's completely cooked.
Lift and spice into 2 parts.
Take 1 part of seasoning and mix with the meat that has been cut into pieces.
Transfer it in a saucepan and then pour enough water (until the meat is submerged).
Cook / leave the meat until it's tender and the spices soak.
Lift it up.
Take the meat and then stick it in the satay stick.
Do it until it runs out.
Roast the satay just for a moment on the fire or a flat nonstick / teflon pan.
Satay sauce: Take 1 remaining portion of seasoning and cook with boiled meat and kandis acid to boil. Enter the rice flour that has been dissolved with a little water.
Stir constantly (so as not to clot) until thick and explosive.
Correction of the taste.
Completion: Arrange satay with rice cake / rice cake. Flush with satay sauce.
Sprinkle fried shallots.
Prepared to be served.




In addition to beef, can be used tongue and beef offal. When using beef innards, boil off innards first until half cooked and then remove the water. Offal can then be cooked following the above stages.

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