recipe for spicy contents

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Saturday is the right time to gather with family. It doesn't hurt if mom, prepare something special for the family. Mom can prepare snacks that can be enjoyed with the whole family. Come on, make special know the spicy contents. How to make it easy and the materials needed are easy to obtain.



4 boxes of tofu, cut into 3 parts and then fried dry 3 carrots, smooth drawstringTouge to tasteCooked crispy to taste5 garlic clovesMilk powder to tasteMarine to tasteSimple to tasteBung seasoningHow to Make:

Scoop the contents of the tofu that has been fried, set aside.Iris of garlic and cayenne pepper, stir-fry until fragrant.Insert carrots and touge, add salt, sugar and pepper powder.Take it until wilted, then lift aside.Put the vegetables into the tofu, until all know filled. Dip the tofu flour that has been thawed. Fried in hot oil. Know Spicy contents ready to be served. How, easy isn't it? Good luck.

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