Rendang Jengkol is equivalent to Rendang meat, how to make it?

3년 전

Hello steemian, kindly read my article today.I present you about rendang jengkol. Jengkol or jering are typical plants in the Southeast Asian region. Westerners call it a dog fruit. Jengkol, which in Latin is called Archidendron pauciflorum, is common in Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. Indonesian people know it as a delicious food.

Pic 1. Jengkol fruit is still raw

rendang jengkol dimasak.jpg
Pic 2. Cooking rendang jengkol

Pic 3. Rendang jengkol is ready for taste

Pic 4. Rendang jengkol is served in the form of jengkol satay

Delicious is a taste. And this is only known after being tasted by the tongue. It is the tongue that says something good or not, both food and drink. The good taste is sometimes individual. Although there is a value of the same tendency for most people. For example, durian tastes good. Many people say durian is delicious and many are fond of it. They like durians in their original or processed form. Some people do not like the original durian but like the process. And the most extreme is there are people who don't like durian at all. Of course, each has a reason to like or dislike.

So good with jengkol fruit. There are people who like to eat jengkol, but there are also people who don't like to eat jengkol. For some people when they smell jengkol, they will leave another side and try to get jengkol. Moreover, rendang jengkol, sometimes tastier than rending meat. But for some people, hearing the word jengkol alone is fed up. Sangking is not the one to Jengkol, that's how it is expressed. Especially if you see jengkol being processed and cooked, the person may become vomited on the spot.

Tips for processing jengkol
Jengkol does have a strong aroma. Even for people who eat jengkol, when they urinate in the bathroom even urine still smells jengkol. The smell also lasts a long time. How to avoid the stinging smell of jengkol?

  • Cooking. Before cooking together with spices, jengkol should be boiled first for about an hour or more. So that most odor can dissolve in boiled water.
  • consume. To keep it a secret that we consume jengkol, then drink coffee some time after you eat jengkol. Then the jengkol smell in the mouth will be reduced by coffee drinks. This will also affect the smell of your urine. By drinking coffee, the smell of jengkol in urine will also be reduced by itself.

So my review may be useful and good luck.

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