Meal Planner #4 - Crispy Pan Fried Minced-Meat Cutlets - Recipe!🍴 @Cooknbake

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Crispy Pan Fried Minced-Meat Cutlets - Recipe


Now here's one of my favorite meat 'snacks' recipes I make. These are great for lunch or dinner with a nice fresh salad. They're irresistible! You can even just leave them on the counter and they'll get grabbed and eaten away!
Its crispy on the outside and on the inside.... a burst of juicy flavors of grated vegetables and soft spiced minced meat.


That's what my mom used to do when she would want us to eat our veggies and meat.
Shed just transform the vegetables and meat into 1 crispy little cutlet that we LOVED!
All in one bite!
(now I'm passing on the tradition :) I love sneaking food into my kids meals!)

It might seem complicated to make but it is actually very simple! After grating the veggies -you mix all ingredients, roll into flat pattys, dip into bread crumbs and pan-fry.
Simple right?!



Crispy Pan Fried Minced-Meat Cutlets - Recipe


For the Cutlets:
500gr minced meat
2 large onions, finely chopped
2-3 garlic cloves, minced
A bunch of parsley, finely chopped
1/3 cup bread crumbs
1 potato, grated
1 carrot, grated
1 zucchini, grated
1 tablespoon paprika
salt and pepper to taste

For the Coating: (optional)
1 egg, beaten
breadcrumbs (panko, for a crispier bite)



1.Finely chop onion, garlic and parsley:

2.Grate potato, carrot and zucchini, and squeeze out as much water as possible.
3.Place all ingredients into a bowl and using your hands mix all ingredients together until they are well blended:

4.Roll the meat into balls while pressing each ball slightly on the palm of your hand to flatten it
*(Optional: Place the beaten egg and breadcrumbs in 2 separate bowls. Dip each cutlet in the egg and then roll in bread crumbs)

5.Heat oil in a frying pan, reduce to medium heat and fry the cutlets on both sides until golden brown.



Serve hot with any side dish and salad!



Or even on its own!


Hope you liked!


Simple Recipes @Cooknbake :)

A little friendly tip:
Having these in the freezer the a perfect saviour!
You can make these meat cutlets in advance for those days when you don't have much time to prepare a meal, for parties or any occasion!
After shaping them, refrigerate until you wish to cook and serve fresh or for the long run- keep in the freezer in a zip lock bag/airtight container. Once you wish to cook them: bring to room temperature, fry and serve hot!

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More simple recipes to come! So stay tuned :)

-All pictures are mine and original, taken on my Galaxy S7 phone-

I love reading your thoughts and comments! Any feedback is always welcome ! So please keep 'em coming! :)

See you soon!

Have a great week!

Much Love ❤️

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OOoh this crispy pan seems so yummi!!


Haha😁 glad you think so @noemilunastorta! It was!! Thanks for stopping by 🤗

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Good Read as always. Some side note as well, I do think it will also be a great burger patty based on how you formed the cutlets. What is missing from it is of course a cheese and a bun. :)


Hi @harlot! Sorry for the late reply! Great idea!! I never tried them that way but should give it a go!!🤗

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Yum ! This recipe looks great, we will give it a try. Learning so many new things on ''srecipes'' tag can't wait to see them posted on Srecipes website ! Thanks for using our tag


Im looking forward to see that website already! I loooved that idea and its a great initiative @srecipes! 🖒💪
everyone will get a chance to learn about different cuisines and dishes from around the world. :)
Im glad you liked this recipe! I hope you get a chance to try it out, its delicious and always a crowd pleaser🤗

They look really delicious! Thanks for sharing your amazing recipe, I'll try them for sure.

We do something like that in here, but instead of veggies, we use a mix of different meats like beef, pork and chicken, they are really delicious as well, try doing something like that :). Left my vote, you absolutely deserve it.


Thank you for your great comment @acostajd! A mixture of meats sound interesting🤔 Havent tried it yet, so thanks for the tip!
Glad you liked this recipe😁 I hope you get a chance to try these. Id be happy to hear how they turned out🤗

These look great @cooknbake and so simple! YUM


Thank you @elstheardentblog😁 It is a simple recipe! Thats what i love about it! And it was delicious!🤗 thanks for your comment, happy to hear you liked it!

ooh! your posts are stunning, I just found you via the Alliance, and have followed you xx


Im so glad to hear you loved them!! Thank you for showing appreciation @princessmewmew😁 i really appreciate that!
Just followed you as well- am looking forward to more videos- for a video newbie your first one was pretty impressing! My 1st one would be far from being like that, lol😄😄 thats y im sticking to writing.... for now ... 😉
See you around soon !

A great post with very delicious looking recipes. I have used similar recipes to get all manner of veggies into my grandchildren’s food. Not so much for my kids as they enjoyed their vegetables from a very early age and I gave them a wide variety. They prefer to eat healthy even now which is a blessing. How’s the new baby doing.......and yourself of course? 🌺