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So somehow I ended up in Melbourne Australia amidst one of the most dreadful weeks throughout the continued downfall of the cryptocurrency market. I feel sort of fortunate that while everyone else with skin in the game was being tortured throughout the entire week, I managed to stay completely oblivious to what was going on and was able to let go of everything, relax, and enjoy the awesome food, weather, and people in Australia. For more than a year I have been obsessed with cryptocurrency, and it seemed like there wasn't a single day that passed by without me checking up on tradingview, and some of my favorite crypto channels in youtube. Seems like some time away from all the madness is just what I needed!

Like any other trip, my main objective is to enjoy quality food. This time I'm on a business trip with a pretty hectic schedule, so I'm a little more restricted in a sense that I have to plan my food around work. But seems as though there is good food everywhere in Melbourne, so I'm not as concerned.


I landed in Melbourne saturday morning, and I immediately looked for a place to get brunch. After a quick search, I found a cool place called Hardware Societe, a small brunch place tucked away in a backalley filled with tourists waiting in line for a table. The place seemed to be pretty well known and have already established as one of the hot places in Melbourne. As expected, when we arrived there was a huge line. But oh well, I had already waited for 13 hrs(I don't eat in flights) so another 30 mins wait was no problem.


There were also couple other brunch places in the street.


We finally got seated after a 25 min wait. While I was struggling at first with the menu to figure out their best offerings, the waitress quietly approached and suggested their special for the day. When I asked what it was, she told me to check up online. They apparently post the daily specials online with photos. I found this such a better way, because often times it's really hard to picture a dish you are being explained to when it is as sophisticated as below.

Mushroom & pork rillette pithivier, pumpkin puree, pork and pistachio terrine finished with a watercress and hazelnut salad.

Hahaha. A simple photo of the dish will do the job much faster! Anyways I liked what I saw, and immediately ordered it. My colleagues ordered the Baked Eggs Chorizo, and Pork Belly & Fried Eggs respectively.

Also can't miss coffee right? Supposedly Melbourne has really great coffee!

Dish of the Day

The highlight was definitely the pithivier and pork & pistachio terrine. They were moderately seasoned and not too salty. Both the terrine and pithivier were well balanced with other ingredients so the meatiness wasn't too overpowering. I felt like the pumpkin puree was sort of just there for color, and didn't really go well with the terrine. However the eggs were poached perfectly and the salad was delightful. Overall YUM!!!



Pork Belly & Fried Eggs


Baked Eggs Chorizo


I also got a little taste for the other two dishes my colleagues were eating and they were both very delicious! Off to a good start I would say. Although little more touristy than I thought, it was still a good place with a nice Melbourne vibe to fill our stomache with delicious food!!! Having high hopes for the remainder of the trip!

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Looks like delicious food! Especially egg fries. I like sunnyside up :)


Poached eggs are awesome too, but you're right!! sunnyside up is delicious. I definitely go for sunnyside up too most of the time.

Exceptional trip ..
You're great, wherever you go you always eat in big restaurants .... I always follow you in every post you ..
If there is time to visit Aceh-Indonesia to visit and taste a typical aceh dish ..


Too be honest, I haven't been to Indonesia. It is up there in the list but haven't made it there yet. I would love to explore the amazing nature and culinary wonders in Indonesia!


Yes, if you go to Indonesia then pay a visit to aceh ..
I will accompany you to enjoy all the culinary in aceh.

I have been here once. The baked eggs are great!


Yeah I would definitely want to go back and get a proper baked eggs just for myself. Are you based in Melbourne??


Yes I am

흑 영어의 압박이 ..여행 가서 드셨나봅니다


ㅋㅋㅋ 여행은 아니고 출장이지만.. 그래도 재밌었어요!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ 대부분은 한글로 포스팅합니다 >.< 영어로 오랜만에 한번 써보고 싶었어요!

암호화폐에 관심 많으시구나~ 앞에 좀 읽다가 사진들 쭉 봣어요 :)
아이폰으로 찍으신건가요 ? 너무 맛있고 멋진 음식이네요!
멜버른 너무 가보고 싶어요~

I have been hacked

Yamy Delicious


Thank you!

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어머나 음식이 어쩜 저리 다 맛있게 보이죠?? 호주 음식이 저렇게 맛있을줄은 몰랐네요 ^^


ㅋㅋㅋ 사실 authentic 호주음식이 뭔지 아직도 모르겠어요~ 근데 분명한건 호주가 굉장히 다문화여서 맛있는 음식이 엄청 많더라고요!! 호주에서 Asian food도 정말 많이 먹었어요. 틈틈히 포스팅 하려고해요 기대해주세요~

한 번도 안 먹어본 음식들입니다 ㅎㅎ

호주에 가게 되면 먹어보고 싶네요 :)


사실은.. 저도 처음먹어본 것들이에요.. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 호주가면 꼭 가보세요~ 정말 맛있습니다!

Looks tasty 🤤. I’m eyeing that pithivier, which sounds really fancy... haha.


Haha yeah. I think it's basically just a french pie.


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어릴적에 시드니에서 꾀 긴시간 있었어요^^; ㅋ 멜번은 시드니와 전혀다른 풍경이라고 하는데, 가기 쉬울때는 쳐다도 안보다가...크니, 이제 가고싶네요^^


아~ 어릴때 시드니에 계셨군요. 이번에 멜버른에 갖다오고 느낀건데 호주가 정말 살기 좋은 곳 같아요. 그런곳에서 유년기를 보내셨다니 @rudolph님 정말 부럽습니다~ ㅋㅋ 사실 시드니는 공항만 거쳐가서 시드니는 어떤지 모르겠다만, 기회가 된다면 나중에 시드니랑 호주 다른 곳에도 꼭 가보고싶습니다~ 특히 Great Barrier Reef! Maybe also Tasmania. haha

Excellent post with interesting shots. I have never been in Australia but it is on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing all those info ;))) Greetings