The Patacon, great Zulian dish.

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Everything started from the moment we knew the date we would travel to Maracaibo, Zulia state, from my beautiful country Venezuela. From that moment @luis07 and my person @crisangel, we are a strong curiosity and anxiety to try that emblematic dish of Zulian food called patacon, a dish of great renown throughout the city of Maracaibo. The desire to try this food increased when our friend @javisem (native of Maracaibo), offers to prepare that exquisite dish called Patacon.
The Patacon, known as a fast food in Maracaibo, is characterized by having expanded slices of fried plantain or tostones, which we could compare it as hamburger bread so to speak, responsible for covering the filling, this filling can be accompanied by multiple ingredients, ranging from: grated salad, llanero white cheese, yellow cheese, ham, fried pork, beef or chicken trimmed, parboiled eggs, ketchup sauce, mayonnaise and mustard or sauce prepared in multiple ways, in a nutshell , you can vary and make your favorite combinations, it is up to the cook to put your imagination to the table when preparing this meal.

The day arrived, @ropavejero, @luis07 and I, we arrived in Maracaibo, a few days after arriving, @luis07 can not stand the anxiety (me neither hahaha), so without waiting for the invitation made by @javisem, we bought a pair of patacones, to kill the curiosity that is processed by this emblematic dish. To our surprise, it was not what we expected, as the patacon was very simple, only with salad and meat. He did not comply with all the stories that patacones are otherworldly food.


A little disappointed by the previous patacon, the day came when @javisem was to invite us to eat patacon the chef in charge of making this dish is @antonela, the wife of @javisem. @antonela with his firm skills in the kitchen, prepares several patacones.

IMG_20180516_134045-01.jpeg IMG_20180516_134051-01.jpeg
These patacones have the tapas made of ripe fried plantains or tostones, and the filling consists of: roasted chicken meat, ham, white cheese, salad of lettuce and tomato, and a splendid white sauce, which I do not know what it contained, since it is a secret recipe from @jayomara hahaha, but I can assure you that it is truly delicious.
Trying this patacones was something wonderful, like touching the sky for a moment hahaha, we liked it so much that we had to repeat it. I recommend this exquisite dish to anyone, I do not know about the recipe, but you can ask @antonela, she will know how to guide you in the preparation.


An image of @luis07 and me, very happy for our patacones hahaha, everything is to suck the fingers.


Without forgetting the friend @javisem, also eating his patacon, @javisem who was the host that all this was possible, as mentioned above.


Anecdote, “it is better to wait for something of quality and not let the rush take us to something that disappoints us”. This time won the kitchen of homemade food and lost the fast food kitchen, or maybe it was the difference of the chef? If so, then that means that @antonela is an excellent chef.

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That looks really good 😋 made me all hungry.
I hope you all had a great meal and good company is alway nice to. I have to try that dish.
Happy Friday dear and thank you for sharing. Much love🌹 🤗🌹

It looks good, and its taste is too great hahaha. Yes, we enjoy it very much, so much that we repeat hahaha. Thanks for the visit, heart. Have a great day.😘💜

Hi @crisangel, those patacones are divine And thank you very much for so many beautiful compliments, Cheff thanks, when you want it back I'll gladly make them for you, 😊

Yes, they were very delicious. I appreciate that you have been able to prepare those rich patacones. Greetings and a kiss. 😄😘🤗

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Hey, that's good to know that. Thanks for the support. I say yes.

These look delicious! I will definitely try them if I see them on a menu somewhere! Thank you for sharing this great food with #thealliance 😋

Yes, they look super, but the taste is truly magical, worthy to be enjoyed. I hope you can try it. Thanks for the support. A hug.