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Pineapple guava has another name in many parts of the world - Feijoa. Scientifically known as Acca sellowiana, the plant that bears this fruit is a shrub or small tree native to South America, including Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. The fruit is green and oval, about the size of a plum or avocado. The unique flavor and impressive nutritional supply make pineapple guava very popular.

Health Benefits of Pineapple Guava (Feijoa)

Reduces Cholesterol

In addition to improving digestion, dietary fiber is also directly associated with lower levels of cholesterol, and especially "bad" cholesterol can increase the risk of heart disease.

Improves Cognition

The antioxidants present in this amazing fruit are related with enhanced reminiscence and retaining, and reduced danger of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Antioxidants can find and neutralize free radicals in nerve pathways, which then cause plaque buildup.

Boosts Metabolism

Vitamin B Complex is important for the overall function of the body, particularly with regard to metabolic activity, such as the synthesis of proteins and red blood cells, which guide the production of hormones, stimulate the function of the nervous system and generate the energy in the cells.

Improves Bone Strength

Due to the presence of many important minerals like iron, copper, manganese, calcium, and potassium, this tropical fruit is very effective at increasing bone mineral density and helping to prevent osteoporosis with age.

Improve Blood Circulation

Although pineapple guava contains a relatively small amount of iron, it still contributes to the production and circulation of red blood cells, and increased vitamin B metabolism can also stimulate blood flow.

Controls Diabetes

Many studies have shown that eating feijoa may help regulate blood sugar level, due to the low level of carbohydrates and carbohydrates, which may help regulate the production and release of insulin in the body.


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Guavas have folic acid which can help the pregnant women for the development of baby under womb and protect the newborn from neurological problems.


You are absoulately right

Nice ..
Great post from you, good information
Thanks for sharing

Pineapple guava is magical benefits because diabeties high chloestrol level and weakness of bone specially in child are common diseases.So we using common in socity due to safe from these disease.
Thanks for sharing a magicial furit which is need for our socities @cryptokraze
Kept it up

Great awareness....great benefit.

thanks for information

awareness in the current times is very important and important for our health, very important and information for those who want to live consciously

Wow, Just learning there's a specie of guava called the pineapple guava. In fact all fruits have positive impacts on the human body and health.

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Pineapple OR Guava ???
i am confuse !! Because, i know - Pineapple is a fruit
And Guava is a also fruit.......
now i see this article - something new !!
Thanks for new information @cryptokraze

Thanks sharing this information. This food is healthy food.It has many nutrition.

I never ate pineapple guava, I think it's very delicious. And it has a lot of health benefits. Cheers

how does it taste sour, sweet or bitter?

Thank you for sharing huge benefits of Feira.
Your posts are so beneficial @cryptokraze

As a child this fruit Guava has it is been called is one of the main fruit we eat on daily basis. But as of then we don't know the importance to the body systems but we only eat it on daily basis

very useful fruits, regret in my country does not grow and it's hard to get it 🤔

  ·  2년 전

My dad planted about two of this fruit at our backyard, thou I don't actually like the fruit due to its stony seeds but now that i have read about its effect on improving bone strength and help control diabeties, i will show more intrest in the fruit.
Thanks for the info.

how does it taste sour, sweet or bitter?

buena información ,lo tomare en cuenta te apoyo y te sigo

how does it taste sour, sweet or bitter?


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Information regarding health benefits of guava fruit is very amazing and excellent which is helpful to improve and to maintain the health and immune system of mankind.