Ulog #209: Customized Mutton Ribs Burger

3개월 전

About 1 month back I introduced a new burger called 'The Diane', or more accurately I re-introduced it after 6 years of not doing it. It comes with either a choice of chicken or beef patty but a customer ordered our 'Smokey Mutton Ribs' burger and wanted to add on the creamy mushroom ragu from the Diane on top.

I don't know how it taste like as I never tried it on our barbecue mutton before but this guy went for it. He event ordered TWO of the same burger and both with the added mushroom ragu as topping.


I suppose it'll taste nice as mushrooms and mutton or lamb goes well together too. But the barbecue sauce we use has a distinct sweet, sour and smokey flavor to it so I was thinking the flavors might clash.

The customer had it for a takeway as well so I didn't get to ask him how was the burger. But I suppose since he ordered our most expensive burger on the menu, he's gonna have to eat it whether it's nice or not.. hahaha... but I'm sure it was good enough to eat to say the least.

Anyway, seems like the custom burgers never stop and customers always have their own idea of what is nice or not. So I guess I'll go with it and it also gives me inspiration to what else I can do that I won't normally cook.

You can check out for more info at our Facebook page on our operation days and times or if you just plain like to see burger pictures :D

You can also find us on Instagram #burgergilerpower


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You must try it now
Perhaps an acquired taste ;p
Looks good though....