Ulog #213: Wedding Catering for an Old School Friend

3개월 전

Last weekend we had a wedding catering that we did and it was for an old school friend from high school. I knew him from playing basketball together and hadn't seen him in years. So it was a good short catch up as well as being able to cater for his big day.


It was a pretty elaborate catering as we did the food and drinks. The food consisted of choice from 2 mains as well as 2 sides each. It was a choice of either a 'Cajun Chicken Cheeseburger' or a 'Chicken Grilled Cheese Panini'. The sides included some cheesy nachos and an Asian sesame slaw.

For the drinks, people had an option of either a cold iced lemon tea or some warm teh tarik which is basically a milk tea.


(cheeseburgers and the sides)



(look at the rows of cheeseburgers waiting to get assembled and pushed out)


(grilled cheese panini getting assembled)


(the crowd queuing for their food and being served their drinks first)


Was a tiring day as the preps and event day was a total of 2 days of work. But it was great to part of my friend's special day. We had a good time serving everyone and glad that everything went smooth and well.

A successful catering event and looking forward to ending the year with even more successful caterings!

You can check out for more info at our Facebook page on our operation days and times or if you just plain like to see burger pictures :D

You can also find us on Instagram #burgergilerpower


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