Ulog #215: Bitter Gourd with Anchovies

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So I've not been well the past few weeks with a bit of cough and my lungs are feeling a little weak. Whenever I take deep breathes I tend to cough. I'm recovering and while recovering I can't eat lotsa food that I normally would as to take care and not provoke my lungs and make my condition worse.

Which comes to this post on bitter gourds. If you're unfamiliar with this vegetable, it's basically a type of gourd and if it isn't obvious enough, it's bitter XD

Depending on the preparation of this dish, it can either be very unpleasant or very delicious. If prepared correctly, it'll have a sweet taste and yet a hint on bitterness that makes for a very interesting and flavorful dish.


You can find bitter gourd being used in many cuisines here in Malaysia. The one in the picture is a Chinese-style stir fry. Just like any stir fry, the gourd is sliced thin and cooked within minutes.

This one here is with onions, garlic, and some dried anchovies that have been rehydrate in water. Some salt and pepper and all into a wok for a couple of minutes on super high heat, you end up with a delicious tasting dish.

To extract the bitterness from the gourd, just soak in before cooking in a bit of salt water and it'll extract the moisture which is bitter from the gourd. Rinse it in cold water and you're good to go.

Some other ways that it is cooked is by deep frying it with some batter. You can some sort of crispy chips. It's delicious as well when served up with some spices.

If you've never had this before, try some. I bet you'd love it.

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Stir fry bitter gourd with an egg and tomatoes is my favorite. But back in my younger age, I hate consuming this vegetables.