Ulog #224: Beef Bacon X Cheeseburger

2개월 전

This burger is the ultimate beef indulgence. It's beef on top of beef. Doesn't get any better than that.

At my food truck we serve up beef bacon that can be added to any burger you order. This is one with our signature cheeseburger and a double cheeseburger.

The beef patty is a quarter pounder and 80/20 ratio of beef to beef fat mixture that's been smashed on a flat top; giving it a hard seer to have a crusty, caramelized exterior and sealing in the beef juices. It's seasoned simply with some salt and pepper; I'm using Himalayan pink salt and local Sarawak black pepper.

It's topped with American cheese and doused with a smokey spicy garlic aioli that everyone totally digs. We often have to prepare extra bottles of our signature sauce as people always demand more of this for their fries and what not.


The beef bacon X is only RM2 for 2 slices which is roughly 0.25 USD per slice. I suppose if you're from US, you could order a boatload of bacon here at my food truck :D

We sear this beef bacon till crispy on the outside but not totally crispy as we want the beefy taste to still be there. This cured beef bacon really goes well with the already awesome signature cheeseburgers.

If you're ever in town, make sure to drop by and get some cheeseburgers with beef bacon added on. We always accept STEEM here, so come by and get a meal paid with STEEM.

You can check out for more info at our Facebook page on our operation days and times or if you just plain like to see burger pictures :D

You can also find us on Instagram #burgergilerpower


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