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A large part of my experience since coming to Japan, naturally, is the food. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise, of the many things that the Japanese excel at, food is definitely among them. I make videos to log my experience but I've found more and more that the videos end up being an excuse to go some really awesome place and try the local cuisine. A happy tragedy, I think.

In my mind eating out, (or dining) depending on how seriously you take yourself, is an experience that goes far beyond what you put in your mouth. I think then, that Japan is uniquely suited to provide the lucky individual with something so much more than an escape from hunger. In Japan every sense is set upon by its surroundings when you go out to eat. When you eat in a city like Tokyo you feel a part of something. You feel like somehow you've woken up and reality is so much stranger than what you dreamed.

On every corner you find reason to pause and take something in. I've been here for coming up on 3.5 years and still I'm dumbstruck every time I go to a densely populated area. You might think that it would eventually blend together. I assure you it does not but for the most jaded person. If the sight of hundreds of people all walking with their translucent umbrellas painted in the neon diffuse light of the surrounding buildings doesn't stir something in you... give some serious consideration to when the exact point was you died inside.

Strangely as well, the city to me does not feel alienating. Instead, each shop has an inviting feeling. Each space promises some new shape to consider and appreciate. Hyper-modern entwines with old values of service and quality and you must admit, there is no simple designation, no brushing away how profound what you've found is.

My good friend Dustin found this particular restaurant that we ate at on a food blog. The style is called Hamayaki (浜焼き), AKA "fisherman's cuisine". And as with every other time I venture out into this wild place, I was not disappointed. I've been to Hokkaido and they are famous for their crab. I was snowboarding at the time and could never find a moment to try some. Gladly I rectified that on this particular evening. The place we'd chosen was featuring that most beautiful crustacean you see below and the flavours were unreal.

To say I loved it is a drastic understatement. It was a life-changing experience ;p Bizarre as it sounds I will likely not return to this restaurant again. There are simply to many to choose from and I love exploring too much not to move on and try something else. New neon horizons here I come. And I've no doubt that the next time out will yield just as much wonder and enjoyment.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I truly appreciate it.



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This is so cyberpunk! Love tokio <3


Haha totally Bladerunner right.

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Thanks so much for checking out my post doit! I really love writing about this place. It has such a crazy beauty whether it's in the countryside or the city.

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