STEEMIT CULINARY CHALLENGE #12 : Simple meat recipe

5년 전

New week - new challenge. This time I'll make pretty simple meat recipe.
Some lean pork
Pepper, onion, rosemary
Lemon, salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sesame

Cut the meat into portions. Cut the onions, add pepper, a little lemon juice. Put the meat into this marinade for 15 minutes

Heat the pan and fry the meat for 3 minutes on each side without oil.

Cover with a lid and bring to a readiness

Spread on a plate with greens, sprinkle with sesame seeds. Will be also great if you add some pomegranate sauce. Enjoy!

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Very, very nice food post and nice entry to the challenge. Good luck


Thank You.

@dgarsan thank you for putting out yet another delicious looking meal for your entry.

However, would you please clarify whether you used the bottled sauce on your ingredient's picture or not?

Did you use the pomegranate sauce that you've mentioned for cooking or not? Thank you very much.


I didn't use it, but it will be much better with it)


@dgarsan I see, next time please only take pictures of ingredients you actually used.

Entry acknowledged! Good luck!

would you please ask your wife to reply to the question I posted on her entry? Thank you very much.


@dgarsan would you please tell @kenjiby that I sent her a chat message? I can't acknowledge her entry unless she replies to the question I asked on her entry. Please ask her to log in. Am on a short break now but please ask her to do that. Give us a product link of the powdered ginger you use so we could see what is in it. Please do this before the challenge closes. If she doesn't get to do that in time - we won't be able to acknowledge her entry. I hope you both understand - this is SOP. Thank you very much.