Homemade Bean Pastry

5개월 전

hello Steemit

The price of hive was pumping and now it is steem's turn. What's happening? But i am happy both are up

This is homemade Bean Pastry my wife made. Supposed to have bean inside but some are filled with chocolate as me and the kids love chocolate more than bean


It can be shaped as you want. The more common ones are the round shape. This flower one takes more effort to make


All made and ready to go into the oven



Inside the oven


Ready to eat


Will you be on both Steem and hive or just one ?

thank you for viewing

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thank you goldcoin


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Would be nice to have two with my Chinese tea!!


thank you kaminchan, yes have taste better with tea

Let's hope the price of both will up like a speed of light. You are lucky to enjoy such amazing pastry while staying at home. Thanks for sharing @djohan


thank you kamchore, i think only one would be the winner, but who knows as most users are the same people

Hola @djohan. Esos pasteles están impresionantes parecen de adorno, en cuanto a tu pregunta es mejor dos que uno.

Hello @djohan. Those cakes are awesome. They look like a decoration, as far as your question is concerned it's better two than one.

Hi @djohan, they look delicious... It's better to be in both chains as it would give us the opportunity for stability in the variation of value, like right now.

Hola @djohan, se ven deliciosos… Es mejor estar en las dos cadenas ya que nos daría la oportunidad de estabilidad en la variación del valor, como en estos momentos.

Colorful those appetizers friend @djohan I hope you enjoy them, the more chains we have the more crypt enters the pot... ;-)

Coloridos esos aperitivos amigo @djohan espero los disfruten, entre más cadenas tengamos más cripto entran al pote… ;-)

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