Homemade Cupcakes

5개월 전

Hi Steemit

This is homemade cupcakes made by my wife. We try to have the things we like even when the shops are closed


Cooking in the oven


The cupcakes rise when it is cooked


Out of the oven


Put on the cream toppings


I think the world will look different when we are out of this lockdown. Most people think this is just temporary holiday and things will be back to normal again.

What do you thing the world will look like post lockdown?

Thank you for viewing

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thank you dsc-r2cornell

Seems like very delicious cup cakes your wife made.
very nice looks after put cream toppings.


thank you madushanka, yes i like the toppings mostly, but that part is high in calories

aren't you lucky those look great, bet they taste even better


thank you doitvoluntarily, yes taste great but i only ate one as worry about gaining weight, lol



thank you goldcoin


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Your wife baking is amazing. Hopefully it will be as delicious as it's looking. Thanks for sharing @djohan


thank you kamchore, yes it was delicious but i only got one as the kids finished the rest

I am getting my coffee!! Send two cup cakes to me!!
I’ll enjoy myself! Haha.


thank you kaminchan, i only had 1 myself, lol, kids ate the rest

Im long on tesla :) no oil, not yet maybe. im not closed to buying anything.

Your deserts look so fire. I love the sweets for dessert. The display looks amazing, I can only assume it tastes great.
RIght now its just tesla, illumina, bitcoin, ethereum, decred, tezos, and zcash.


thank you kevbot, oil is back up, should have bought it when it was negative, haha. Yes the dessert tasted great but i only had 1 as gaining weight. Ubt is doing well it moves to page 1 on CMC. Is Illumina a coin or stock?

Hi @djohan, that looks great... Good for you.

Hola @djohan, eso se ve inmejorable… Te felicito.


thank you leynedayana, mostly the kids ate it, i only got 1 left. haha

Super, se ven deliciosos :)

Muy originales @djohan. Un trabajo bastante profesional…

Hello @djohan. Very appetizing it's good to try to handle the situation as best as possible and more so when there are children... You are right the world will not be the same and not only that it will take a long time for it to be stable.

Hola @djohan. Muy apetitoso es bueno tratar de sobre llevar la situación lo mejor posible y más cuando hay niños… Tiene razón el mundo no será el mismo y no solo eso pasara mucho tiempo para que sea estable.

Greetings @djohan, I congratulate you were cautious and stored food with time ... as to how the world will be when we leave, our economic situation may be critical but possibly arise new ideas as to the planet I think will be better.

Saludos @djohan, te felicito fueron precavidos y almacenaron comida con tiempo… en cuanto a cómo estará el mundo cuando salgamos, nuestra situación económica posiblemente este critica pero posiblemente surjan ideas nuevas en cuanto al planeta creo estará mejor.

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