Pineaple Guava / Feijoa

5개월 전

Hello steemit

Been doing gardening to spend the time lately. It's quite fun especially when you get fruits from your garden

This is Pineaple Guava or also known as Feijoa


Very strong plant but growth is really slow which is good and bad. Good when it has matured so you need less trimming. Bad when you just planted a new one it would take many years to mature


Fruits i just collected


It is suitable for fence as the plant is strong with lots of leaves , so it gives your house more privacy and it is green all year


Thank you for viewing

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Yes it's amazing feeling when you ripe fruit. @djohan if pineapple guava is different in taste from common guava. Thanks for sharing


thank you kamchore, yes taste very different from common guava, sweeter and softer

Wow excellent photography. that is amazing fruits garden.
thanks @djohan
Have a nice day


thank you goldcoin, yes i plant many fruit trees, looks nice and is useful too


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Oh! Would love to have one of this tree!

I’ll have to find out!


thank you kaminchan, maybe too hot in Thailand for this tree

I love big healthy trees and nice to surround your property for privacy.


thank you floridanow, yes it looks better than normal fence and also you can shape it and have fruits too

Hi @djohan ,Everything takes time, but the reward is worth it, they look delicious and they are also rich in vitamin C, great for raising the body's defenses.
Infinite blessings for you and yours


thank you martha75, yes i try to plant different kinds so that every month we have something to harvest

Hola @djohan. Una mermelada debe quedar muy buena con esas guayabas.
Hello @djohan. A jam must look really good with those guavas.


thank you elmindodexao, already sweet without the jam, haha

Hello @djohan. It's good to know that since I've seen that plant but I've never seen fruits I'll check to see if it's the same, thanks for sharing.

Hola @djohan. Es bueno saber eso ya que he visto esa planta pero nunca le he visto frutos indagare a ver si es la misma, gracias por compartirlo.


thank you leynedayana, i think not every country would have these trees as need to have the right climate

Nunca había visto la planta, aquí en Venezuela tampoco la he visto. He probado el fruto pero traída de Brasil.

I've never seen the plant, here in Venezuela I haven't seen it either. I have tasted the fruit but it was brought to me from Brazil.


thank you tiababi, yes i checked on the internet that Brazil also have these fruits, should be in mostly Southern hemisphere

Hello @djohan. It's true that plants that bear fruit are the best thing in a yard since they serve several purposes plus the main one. Thank you for sharing.

Hola @djohan. Es cierto las plantas que dan frutos son lo mejor en un patio ya que cumplen varios propósitos más el principal. Gracias por compartirlo.


thank you santoninoatocha, i try to have many different kinds so every month we have fruits

Hola @djohan, conozco la guayaba y la guayabita pero este tipo no lo había visto, gracias por compartir esta información.

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Gardening seems like the right thing to do right with. I want a backyard. Congrats on this...I rarely see guava.