Ready To Meet The Demand Next Time

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When the grocery supply chain saw a tremendous surge in business earlier this year, as people ran to stock their shelves with whatever they could find, it meant a never before experience for many business owners.
Suddenly, they saw months of supply for products like toilet paper and sanitizer sell out in a week or less.

It took some time for the supply to adjust to the demand and during that time there were many photos circulating online of people facing empty shelves.

Now, business owners have learned from this experience and hopefully they will be better able to handle any similar storm that might come in the future.

For one business owner that recently disrupted the toilet paper chain, with his company Reel bamboo toilet paper, he says that they will be ready to meet that surge in a demand again.

"It was crazy. We essentially sold out of three-month’s supply of toilet paper in a week. It did put a lot of pressure on our supply chain. We were able to use that opportunity to step up production and feel confident that, should anything like that happen again, we would be well-positioned to be able to meet demand. We were able to secure a credit facility solely for our inventory production and that has allowed us to continue to scale. " - D. Oyekan, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Reel

Other companies like Peach bath tissue, which offer online sales for the product, saw incredible business during a time when your local department store ran dry and Amazon too. People were looking to get some anywhere they could find it.

This was an experience like one which millions might never have thought they would experience or go through, and what if such a surge happens again for some reason to the supply chain like we saw earlier this year? Entrepreneurs will put that knowledge to use that they just gained from going through a hard but valuable lesson, if they made it through. In some ways this experience has made those businesses stronger, smarter, and better, if they have come out of this and are still seeing market support and success.

Government Making It Harder To Make It Through
Government restrictions have meant the death of countless businesses this year around the world, because they were forced to close their doors for months and some are still closed. It has been estimated that some 100k small businesses have now been closed for good.


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