My grandma is the cutest!!

4년 전

Good afternoon my beautiful best friends!

Woke up another day in Holland and once again I feel super happy to be here and spend time with my family.

I decided to go out and have some lunch with my lovely grandma. I chose to have a Ceasar Salad 🥗 and she had tomato soup 🍲.


And plus can we please just appreciate my beautiful grandma (she's freaking 90 years old, what a truly amazing precious treasure I have!!) 😍😍


But before lunch, in the morning I had the same for breakfast as yesterday, "Boterham met Pindakaas", (Sandwich with Peanutbutter) and a glass of milk. 🥪🥛


I'm sorry if I post a lot of pictures of food, I just LOVE food. 😂

Questions of the day:
• Do you love food?

• Isn't my grandma just the cutest thing everrrr?! (ahahah)

• Where are you currently on the world map? 🌎

I hope you enjoyed today's Steemit post and don't forget to ALWAYS smile 😊

Love you guys so much, byeee!!

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great post

Great post. It's really amazing that your grandma is still that active in her age. She looks really sweet :) and don't worry about all your food pictures, who doesn't love food 😉 where in Holland are you? I am from Germany. A few weeks ago I visited Holland and I really loved it :)


Thank you, I am from Amsterdam and I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed Holland, it really is a beautiful country :)


Indeed :) we are planning on coming again for a holiday. We want to rent a boat and drive around a bit.


That's an amazing idea!

  ·  4년 전

Your grandma is adorable! Even I want to hug her :)

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great post your grandma is looking very well : ) she does not look 90 years old at all , as for food I love food but as long as it's not meat or fish ! so I loved the pic of peanut butter sandwich , and I am from the UK x


Awh thank you!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! It is always nice to see what people eat, even it is not my taste :)

  ·  3년 전

Grandma is a grandmother who loves the most.....