My Saturday Brunch

4년 전

Good afternoon everybody!
I hope you've all already started your Saturday the best way possible, I certainly did.

Today I woke up in a very relaxing mood but because i slept in a little more than usual, I decided to go out and have brunch.

The weather is lovely today and it's so peaceful out in the streets everywhere. I ordered a Californian Chicken Wrap which by the way was delicious. I'm such a food lover and I like a variety of different types of food.

I'm going to try and do this in every post of mine. I'll be asking you guys a series of questions related to the subject I'm writing about. If you guys like the idea make sure to comment down below and I'll do it at the end of my posts so we can talk in the comments together!

  • What time do you usually wake up on Saturday's?

  • Are you a food lover like I am?

  • What did you have for breakfast or brunch?


I hope you all have an amazing weekend & don't forget to always smile! 😊

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saturdays are a chill out day, time to relax.
yes I love food :)
today I had eggs on toast with avocado used as butter, drizzled with olive oil.

nice posts keep it up and post some more images :)


Mmm... Your breakfast was delicious I bet, what did you think of the questions? & I will definitely try to post more pictures (: