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Simply beautiful images to behold on a hot day like today ((I am certain it is a hotter day for you than me haha)) All the very best that nature has to offer :)

Long time no see lovely Lady, I kinda miss the old days, but WOW!!! That reputation score though, you were and obviously continue to be so focussed on exactly what you wanted to do and damn you just keep on ploughing forward.

I hope you are doing really, really well El, you have worked and worked and worked, through the good times, the bad times and the any-old-times you deserve to thrive on your way to your goals, dreams and ambitions, when they come true they will be richly deserved and well earned.

I gotta say your thumbnails rock girl, I am gonna check back through your feed in the coming days to see if I can find a recent video, I remember your first ever one, walking around near your home, I always suspected that in good time you would be an amazing vlogger.

Take awesome care of you and yours El, the very best wishes from me and mine :)


Oh gosh. Thanks for the feedback Steve.

Unfortunately Steem is a shitshow now and I will not be here anymore. I am creating more quality content on Hive if you ever wanna catch up, find me there.. For recent videos, you can always catch me on DTube. It's been such a long time, we should def catch up :)

Great to hear from you <3 :))))