Afternoon Tea and Blueberry Pie



The most satisfactory blueberry pie and tea moment, after a day of countryside life. I'm enjoying this in the drawing room, and even busted out the finer china for my afternoon delight. I picked the bilberries (European blueberries) myself from the forest behind our country home earlier today, and made a very traditional Finnish style blueberry pie. A simple pie crust, blind baked first, then filling it with the bilberries and quark mixture, returning it to the oven to bake through.

There is nothing more satisfactory than picking the berries yourself, making the pie, and finally being able to enjoy it after all the hard work. And obviously the pie tastes freaking delicious!

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Damn! That’s a lot of blueberries 😂

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There way more in the forest 😝

Indeed nothing tastes better when you picked the fruits for the pie yourself. Cant wait for the apples to become ripe at a local farm for some delicious apple pies. And good to see you made it home safe after your encounter earlier today.

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This sound very good 😊😋 and I want this cake 😮😶

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Shit, I need to stop the lifestyle bullshit, I don’t like it!! And aside from steemit, I have no eager followers😅

Better than snake pie. 😋

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