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Since HF20 Update We can see lest post in steemit, that is okay to get some thing good in steemit many chance happening like RC system depending on your Steem power, before you post think twice. After update this will be my first post lets see how does it work. Thanks steemit team.

Helvetia is best place to eat foods for our family we mostly like beef burger better then Burger king burger This is my personal opinion. We wen to that market to buy a phone. We always have target to have our lunch or dinner depending on time so we choose Helvetia food place that is our best part when we go out side. Little history about that chain shop. The owner try to run a Hotel in a tourist area. Present time didn't support he as a result he lost his hotel and few Helvetia food restaurant.


Helvetia Food


Soft Ice Cream


Soft Ice Cream Machine


Top View


Capsule Lift


View From Up


View From Up-I


View From Up-II


Kid Playing Games
So much game place I need few post to cover that. Thank you everyone to watch my blog.

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What a yummy post! We've upvoted and resteemd your awesome food blog! Keep up the delicious work


Looks yummy 👍👍

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Thank you very much.

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