Cooking with @fat-elvis - Game day wings


Good evening misfits

As we continue to lock down, shut down, slow down etc. A fella has to pause, and think, yup, thats why I have gold, silver, and long term storable food. Now speaking of food, I figured on making some wings for tonight.

So I did... and zuccini.


All cooked on the Treager pellet smoker.


These pellet smoker grills are amazing, I hardly ever use my propane grill anymore. I mean look at this.


I mean, thats a game day supper right there. Time to tune in the hockey ga... oh yeah, shit, I guess Ill watch Golden Girls reruns......

Still, "Let's go Blanche, Let's go 👏👏"

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This post has received a 83.67 % upvote from @boomerang.

Would you believe, I made Mashed Potatoes and Eggs the other I broke up the mashed potatoes and fried them a little longer, then added the eggs... I like my eggs cooked longer than most people... Not bad for my first time...
June 2, 2020... 4.3 Hollywood Time...