#2: Now I know bat-winged steaks exist!

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The Mann is a hardcore Meat Man who literally lives by the motto:

Meat is better than no meat.

(I have literally seen him eat a 500 gm hunk of over-cooked, dry as leather pork chop in one sitting. . . ughh).

He picked our dinner destination. Of course he wanted to bring us to his favourite Steak House (in every literal sense of the word). I’m not really a meat person, so a steak is a steak to me.

All right.

I’ll admit I had rather high expectations, since a meat lover was recommending a meat-centric restaurant. So, naturally, I was looking forward to a good typical round steak.

Like the one he normally makes at home.

We drove to Gut Jägerhof, a rustic steak house set in a refurbished barn near the Düsseldorf-Erkrath border. The drive from Düsseldorf city centre to the steak house was only 15 minutes, but it included a short relaxing stretch of countryside road, before we turned into the gravel carpark of the steak house.

Cute carved name log at the entrance, albeit a little difficult to read.

This must have been one of the working equipment frames used in the former barn.

When we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted by a huge flowered wreath adorning the entrance lobby.

A salad buffet stand stood to the left in front of an open kitchen. The veggies looked fresh and enticing, but what caught my husband's attention most was the butcher's fridge filled with fresh cuts of the day behind the salad stand.

The butcher's fridge was conveniently located in front of the grilling hot plates.

We could pick to sit inside or out on the terrace, overlooking a beautiful countryside landscape. The sun was a little too bright for some of us, so we chose to sit indoors, but not before I got a couple shots of the calming view that sitting outdoors had to offer.



Der Mann was hungry. He ordered 700gm “Kalbssattel steaks” (€22.50) for everyone (the ladies shared one), all done medium-well. He also asked for fried onions (€3.90), french fries (€3.90), baked wrapped potato (€3.90), and a salad from the buffet (€8.90).

Drinks were served. My tea (€2.90) came with a cute chessboard cookie that I happily dipped in the tea. The grandest drink at the table was the Iced Coffee (at €5.50, it also came with a grand price tag). It was probably meant to be a dessert.

It was time to prepare our salad. You take one bowl and fill it up with as much leafy greens, toppings, and dressings as you can.
2016-03-03 11.30.55.jpg

Our salad tower. I think we won the prize for being the greediest salad scoopers. :P

We must have spent a while getting the salad, because the mains and sides were served soon after.

Never in my life have I seen such a huge, symmetrically bat-shaped steak!! Wow.
As my knife sliced into the meat, clear juices oozed out of the steak and onto my plate. I quickly dropped some fries onto my plate to soak up the yummy meat juices. The steak was succulent and well-seasoned. It was like having both a steak and ribs at the same time, with lots of caramelised edges to enjoy. My favourite part was the bit of marrow and spinal cord found in the bone cavity. Slurrrp.

Fried onions were crisp and not too oily. They paired beautifully with the meat.

The baked potato looked like just another boring baked potato. The potato was rather fluffy inside though - a good base that soaked up the sour cream dressing and herbed butter that we dolloped on.
2016-03-03 11.46.39.jpg

The bill came up to approximately €21 per person, which is decent for a yummy steak meal in a beautiful location.

If you are ever in the area and craving a well-prepared steak, I would recommend Gut Jägerhof.

Gut Jägerhof
Hubbelrather Weg 18,
40699 Erkrath, Germany

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Yeah I'm from Saarland and was in Düsseldorf over the weekend :) Will definitely take a note for the future!


Hehe, that's not too far! There's a lot of other awesome food places in Düsseldorf too. Hopefully, I'll have posts of those others done before your next visit! :)

The pictures and story are amazing. You have quite a talent. After going through a few of your posts I am following your account because I see myself enjoying your content. Thanks for working hard on it because it really shows.


You're very kind. Hearing that you enjoy my content really encourages me to keep posting. Thank you for your support, @lexikon082!


i'm hungry now :(


Aww..hope you managed to grab something to eat! ;)

It looks so darn good! So much meat. Feeling carnivorous now.


Hehe yes, it really is a meat destination.

That was worth reading just for the location. Damn. Germany has some things figured out! lol
Great presentation format. The right amount of narrative between pictures and just enough pictures to make a story.
Congratulations on the free meal, by the way! (by the looks of how well the post did) You're already winning Steemit!


Thank you for your thoughtful comment and for your analytical feedback, @irishidentitaire. :) I finally understand what you meant by the 'free meal' after rereading your reply twice hehe..not sure exactly how to calculate the earnings, since I've noticed they do fluctuate over the 3 days I've been here depending on supply-demand ratio in the steempower pool (correct me if I'm wrong) and the author receives 75% of the reward, I believe..rather excited to see what actually enters my 'wallet' during the payout. ;)