Another attempt at finding a decent eggs benedict in Da Nang

3개월 전

My quest continues to find one of my favorite breakfast items that it seems no one can really make properly. I discovered that this place serves it when were attending for drinks at a going away party a few days ago and decided that based on the ambiance of the place that maybe, just maybe, they make a good one. Unfortunately I have to report that while it was decent, the search continues for someone that actually knows what the hell they are doing.


I'm gonna go ahead and give them a 10/10 for presentation an quantity because it looks amazing and the portion is exactly what you expect an eggs benedict to look like. I would say that they put a great deal of effort into making it look gourmet and I think that is part of the reason why I was so disappointed when I dug in.


I will also give them a 10/10 for knowing how to make poached eggs properly. Nothing ruins an eggs benedict quite like someone in the kitchen that over or undercooks the poached eggs. These were done perfectly. They were not all nasty and weird when someone drastically undercooks a poached egg, but the yolks were runny just like they are supposed to be. I take my hat off to the chef in this regard.

Unfortunately this is where the accolades end. The hollandaise sauce, which is a critical element of an eggs benedict was very bland and lacked any sort of "zing" or bite. They try to compensate for this by tossing paprika all over it, but this didn't change the fact that it tasted like it came out of a can.

Also, the bacon (it is supposed to be ham) was just stock-standard and is the same stuff I can buy at my local minimart for next to nothing. It was overcooked and tasteless. It may as well have not even been there.

As far as the bread is concerned I do not expect anyone to have English muffins in South East Asia: It simply seems to be something that eludes every bakery in this part of the world. The bread was fine but "fine" is not what I am looking for. I want excellence. The sauce and bacon didn't enhance the overall dish, it took away from it and I give both of them a 4/10. I think that poached eggs on toast with butter would have been more flavorful.


They were able to kind of make up for a lot of my displeasure by having a really good and nicely priced Americano. Coffee is pretty top-drawer in Vietnam and I don't have any idea why that is the case. I really enjoyed this part of it and even though I haven't smoked in many years, it almost made me want to light one up.... I didn't of course because it is a disgusting habit that will almost certainly insure future health problems.


This place is located just a little ways from the beach and this is a good thing because of the breeze. I was quite uncomfortable even though I was in the shade and this place really should accommodate this by having some fans. I asked. They do not have them so basically I was sweating during the entire ordeal.

I don't recommend that you order the eggs benedict here but Da Chazz is a nice place for cocktails at a good price near the beach. So go there and do that but skip the breakfast. I will never eat here again and that is unfortunate because their location is wonderful and in a part of town that you are likely to end up at anyway if you either live her as a foreigner or are just visiting.

The search continues!

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