Traditional fish food directly from Crisan village (the Danube Delta)

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Traditional food from the Danube Delta

Crisan is a very small village in the middle of the Danube Delta Reservation. To get here you must take the ferry from Tulcea town (almost 48 miles) on the Danube (Sulina arm). On a splendid view you will see the wildness of this place, the beauty of nature. When you get to Crisan village you must try the traditional food. I was hosted on a small traditional house with all inclusive pack. Guess what? The food is based on fish, every recipe is a special one, traditional. Native people go fishing and prepare different recipes based on fish meat. In the first day, I tried these meatballs made from fresh pike meat. Everything in this place is bio! In all those 4 days when I was hosted, I tried so many recipes made from fish meat, you can't imagine.Among these meatballs, we have tried a special recipe for rice. The native people have all they need in theirs gardens (tomatoes, cucumber, onion, corn), they grow animals like cows, chickens and goat. Everything was amazing. Trust can't find out the's like a local secret. I tried to guess the recipe for this pike meatballs, but it was like mission impossible. I will show you some pictures of this special recipe!




Here is the location of this place. You can't get here with cars or other wheel vehicle, the only acces way is with a boat


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@gabriel.ncl Have you ever taste it?


I have made the picture..of course!!

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it looks delicious that combination of dishes.

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