Mother's Day Delight! - Tender Coconut Icecream!

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Hi Guys! Best wishes to all moms here, and love to everyone...

I am here with this wonderful recipe to make an ice-cream with the pulp of a Tender Coconut!...It is so quick and easy to make!...

This is a healthy recipe as non of the artifical flavors are used here and even the sugar can be replaced by any of the plant based sweeteners we get in the market today.

Pulp of 2 Tender coconuts - (2 cups)
Fresh cream - 2 cups
Sugar - 1cup. (can be replaced with any sweetener of your choice)
Rose - 1
Dry fruits cut into tiny pieces to decorate.

Method of preparation
Take a blender jar and make a smooth paste of tender coconut pulp, sugar, rose petals and fresh cream. Transfer to a bowl or a tray and deep freeze for one hour. Take it out, blend again with a spoon for few minutes. This helps to smoothen the texture of ice cream. Decorate with pre-cut dry fruits and deep freeze again, till done.

The super yummy-creamy tender coconut Icecream is ready to serve!!

Note : Instead of using rose petals, even cardamom can be used to get a different flavor.

Hope you liked this post.

With much love and regards, @geetharao...

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very simple recipe ma'am, but looks so delicious :)


Yes Sir @jznsamuel... It comes out so yummy that if you try this, you will finish the whole bowl in no time!! :)

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Nice desert for summer 😛

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I really liked your recipe. I really like ice cream

Wow Ymmy

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Looks very tasty 😋

Wow ! You are such an awesome cook, @geetharao. You make it all looks so simple. I have been having this crazy urge for ice-cream. I have to make it. Super refreshing recipe. 💕☺. I love the rose petal magic. ☺


Hi dear @nehab... Thank you so much for reading my blog and for your sweet comments...