Meet Kumbia, my latest kombucha vinegar mother

4년 전

In my introduction post I promised to write about food, travels, the string vests and other quirky stuff. Now I've ended up posting steem and cryptocurrency related stuff, so I think I owe it to my followers to present to you Kumbia:

Kumbia, a kobucha vinegar mother. Photo: Guttorm Flatabø

I'd like to call Kumbia my daughter, but the correct nomenclature is "kombucha mother", and in this case a mother that formed on the top of kombucha vinegar made from "scrap honey". Kombucha vinegar can be fermented faster than normal vinegar in my experience, but is just as good, but always with a tang of kombucha (at least with the honey I have used). After being weighted in at 350 grams she went on to serve in an experiment where I'm trying to use her to convert home made beer into beer vinegar:

Kumbia soaking in home made beer, wish her luck in converting into vinegar. Photo: Guttorm Flatabø

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Awesome! I just posted about kombucha too

Looks like a yummy treat ! @guttormf


Well, I don't think it taste much. AFAIK it is mostly cellulose.

BTW: I took a look at your profile @hoaha, and it seems you only comment and don't upvote. Perhaps you weren't aware, but if you upvote posts (and comments) that you like, you will share in the rewards that the content gets, and earn STEEM Power and Steem dollars. You'll also show appreciation to the authors of the content that you like :-)

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