HotPot dinner - The cure for political woes?

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Everyone seems to be talking about either Trump or BTC right now... I'm going to talk about food instead. I like food.

If you're ever in the Chicago, you should check out one of the many excellent Chinese/sichuan places around town.

One of my favorites for HotPot is a little place called Happy Lamb (formerly little sheep). They do a $22 all you can eat Hotpot, where you can select a bunch of fresh meats/veggies that suit your fancy.

If you're never going to make it out there, you can also order the Little Sheep mixes online -- Same stuff, links below. Then you just pick up some shabu shabu (very thin sliced) meats from your local asian grocery or butcher and some fresh veggo's and go to town.

You're probably liable to spend just as much on it as eating out there though (unless you're a pretty light eater). I eat a lot so I could easily put $20+ of storebought meat in there and still be eating.

They do it up pretty nice 😄

Anyways, if you've never had hotpot before, basically you're served a pot of boiling soup broth that is maintained at that temperature with a burner (either camping stove or electric type), along with any raw meats/veggies that you order.

The concept is that you dump the raw foods into the broth until they're cooked to your level of preference and then you chow down while they're still sizzlin'. Usually it only takes mere seconds for the super thin sliced meats to cook through, so don't be thinking you're going to have to be waiting for it to be done for a long time or anything.

The Aerial view, vroooom

I feel like your average American's idea of Chinese food is like Orange chicken and Mongolian beef, and I just feel like that is an extremely disappointing place to be. There's so much variety of foods from every part of the world, how can people see all this stuff on the menu when you go places and never once try it?

Life is supposed to be experienced right? Why do and eat the same things over and over, no?

As far as the hotpot mix I kind of am partial to the spicy stuff - but it's a bit down to personal preference, I suppose.

For me - It's a nice way to get rid of some of that tension from seeing and hearing all this negativity on the news.

Things might not be as good as they could be, but they could certainly be worse - so let's be a little bit positive instead.

Anyways, I'm completely exhausted from lack of sleep -- so I'm going to cut this off before it goes off on any further tangents.

Thanks for being super duper cool 😎

- Guurg

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Spicy (preferred) mix
Plain (0 spicy) mix
Pack - 1 of each

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i missed reading half of the post as i got lost in the dishes sorry ;p


Fair, haha. 😁

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