Let's talk about drinking coffee. 喝咖啡。

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I am a coffee addict. Everyday I consume at least 2 cups of coffees, well, at least on working days. Can't remember when did I start drinking coffee, but for sure it was during my business trips to Silicon Valley.

I still remember during those good old days, I was a fresh graduate working for a Silicon Valley startup's sister company in Hong Kong, so I got some opportunities to travel to and work in Silicon Valley. Every morning, after settling down in the office, first thing my colleagues did was came to my seat and said "Let's go and grab a coffee!" Then we would go to our cars and drove to nearest Starbucks and bought a cup of coffee.

我是個每天都要喝上兩杯以上的咖啡的人,起碼在工作天是跑不掉的。 是什麼時候開始這個習慣的?我已經忘了,應該是我在矽谷出差的時候吧。

那些年,作為一個剛剛畢業的大學生,為一家矽谷初創軟件公司在香港的姊妹公司工作,令我可以經常到矽谷出差。 還記得那時候在矽谷,每天到達辦公室,安頓好之後,同事們總是跟我說:「去買杯咖啡吧。」之後就是一班人開車到最近的一間星巴克去買咖啡。


Having a coffee to kick start a working day became a habit to me since then. I stopped this for awhile because of weight control, instead of coffee, I drank Chinese tea every morning.

I moved to my current company 4 years ago and my colleagues here seems to be all coffee drinkers, so I pick up daily coffee again. Having coffee then changed from physical and mental needs to social activities. Apart from the first cup of coffee that kick start the day (usually from breakfast), there will be the second or even third cups in the afternoon. Not because of the need of caffeine to keep me awake, but because of the need of chit chatting with colleagues during the 10~15 mins of walk to and back from the coffee shop.

自此,每朝早上一杯咖啡便成為習慣。有段時間因為要控制體重而改喝中國茶。幾年前轉工到了這家公司之後,又因身邊的同事都喝咖啡的關係,我又重拾每朝一咖啡的習慣了。 不同的是,喝咖啡已經由一種身理和心理上的需要,慢慢變為社交活動。為的並不只是一杯咖啡,還有來回咖啡店那十至十五分鐘的路程上的對話。


I also followed my colleagues to change coffee shop as well. Started with Starbucks, then for a short while, we went to The Coffee Academics, and we recently settle down with a French patisserie, Dalloyau.

同事們亦影響著我買咖啡的選擇。由一開始的Starbucks星巴克。短暫的轉到公司樓下的The Coffee Academics. 以至最近我們都喜歡的法國精品糕點咖啡店, Dalloyau.


Being asked to be more weight conscious, I switched from Caramel Macchiato to Americano, or Long Black or Black coffee if you like. Plain coffee without sugar and milk is my default choice, but when you have different kinds of cuisine, you want different favors of coffee. Just like this Monday, I ordered a Vietnamese coffee to go with Vietnamese Pho for lunch, of course with the condensed milk.



What is your way of drinking coffee?


Bon Appetit!

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It alwasy looks so awesome, those cups of coffee. But I never tried it.

Thanks for sharing. I am a coffee addict too. The Coffee Academics is one of my favourite coffee shop that they have a large variety of coffee beans.


We found Dalloyau better than Coffee Academics. You should give it a try. :D

sorry to be a party pooper but as an ex caffeine addict i would have appreciated if someone spoke sooner to me when I was abusing it. Caffeine is very taxing on the adrenal system. Its not good to be chemically addicted to a neurotoxin... check out my channel for stimulant free vegan recipes

i love coffee a lot. i drink it everyday. good blog

I'm personally obsessed with Cold Brew Coffee. Check out my posts and you'll find my personal recipe + reasons for loving cold brew.

Amazing post man ! Coffee is incredible ! Upvote me

I could relate to that !!! I'm a coffee lover too !!! My day won't be complete without it !!!

Interesting post! Thanks for sharing!


I like both tea and coffee, but sure I would not add sugar into neither of them.

Excellent post my friend, visit my profile and read mine.