I became addicted to this!

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Hello everybody!

If you've ever been to a diet, then you know how hard is it to just look at all that tasty and sweet food. Fortunately, I've found a lot of things that are a substitute for real desserts but do not have calories!
For example, I just love these zero calories sauces! There are so many tastes from strawberry, chocolate, monte... even bacon for the meat is great!!


Just imagine my breakfast... cooked egg whites.. disgusting is not it? But when I add some whey protein with a chocolate tasting and some sweetener and at the top of it some strawberry sauce, it's like some great dessert for me now.

Or when I eat my cooked chicken, 2 tablespoons of this bacon dip makes it very tasty, but with zero calories again!


Also, a natural orange powder is my favourite for the oats in the morning or cooked egg whites in the water. I just add one spoon of that magic powder and your mash became tasty like a sweety! Ideal thing while you are on diet and you starve for something sweet!


Also, you can add it in the real cookie or whatever you want. Even on meat or fish will be great!

One of my favourite taste is chocolate-hazelnut topping! It taste like a real monte! Every flavorless meal like the oatmeal will turn into a really tasty healthy meal!


All in all, zero calories topping and dressing can be a really great thing while you dieting, but also you need to be careful and moderate with them because there are probably lots of sweeteners and artificial flavors which can be also artificial harmful for you and your diet. It can cause an insulin spike and you can also slow down progress with fat loss...
If you take it, just limit yourself to several (3-4) spoons per day and everything will be fine :))

Thank you for reading and have a good day

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